Album Review – Familiar Patterns by Swiss Portrait (2021) (Swiss Tapes)


Back in October 2020, Edinburgh based solo act, Michael Kay Terence (aka Swiss Portrait) sent me a YouTube link to his latest single, Find My Way. Since then I have become somewhat obsessed with this track, with my mouse seemingly being drawn towards it at any given moment.
It just draws you in. With a shoegaze core that is too pretty to have that particular genre assigned to it as a natural home and a robustness that has too much testosterone for dream-pop flighty, Find My Way sees Terence claim the beautiful musical hinterland between the two.
Thankfully he never veers more than a nuance away from this general template, with Cassette, Breathless and Burnt Out providing more of the exact same sense of  stunning, whereas Your Mind, Coastal Showers and Between the Waves, tread with a more definitive energy towards the more melodic end of the gaze spectrum.
ZTapes have released an initial run of 70 cassettes and there are only a handful left. I would suggest a second run is going to be a absolute certainty as the increasing numbers that hear it around today’s release date will undoubtedly necessitate it.
My EP of the year ‘so far’.




full release

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