Album Review – For When the Future Rolls Around (Selected Songs, 2012​-​2017) by Two White Cranes (2021) (Antiquated Future Records).


The fourth act to get the exalted ‘Selected Songs…’ treatment from the fine musical archaeologists at Portland’s, Antiquated Future Records label, are Two White Cranes, who were the 2010’s project of Roxy Brennan (Radisson Blue, Trust Fund and Joanna Gruesome).
Essentially, this project has ‘that’ warmth exuded when an artist is afforded free reign to indulge their musical passions and is the paramount reason why this back catalogue is so very worthy of being given the showcase compilation treatment.
As such the album sees Blanket, Adam’s Song, Skeleton, Among All Women and On Keeping A Notebook, offer a plinking, jangly indie-folk, that is imbued with a quirk laden, almost Sinead O’Connor spacious vocal quality. This is delivered amid a sparse, unobtrusive guitar beauty, that leaves enough room to accentuate lyrical gravity. It’s a aesthetic that leaves the listener fully engaged and enthralled in the same way that Ani DiFranco does, but without any sense of the similarly deranged.
However, beyond the indie-folk, the most superlative tracks on this release revolve around those augmented by extra dynamism. Tracks such as Adler, Everyday, Unnattached and Tiles provide a Flying Nun style dulcet jangle edge that is superbly juxtaposed with a slightly laconic, almost Melbourne dolewave, lack of insistence.
Presented in the inimitable metallic gold foil cassette format, that is so inimitable to this series, this album is an absolute must for fans of of the janglier side of indie-folk.





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