Album Review – Last Thing I Heard by Hanemoon (2021) (Jigsaw Records)


Just before the open air markets of Wuhan infested the world with the lurgy, Seaside Stars man, Hans Forster, released the debut Mammals album form his Hanemoon solo project. Intensely beautiful, it flickered around all things Teenage Fanclub / Dropkick power-pop the more raucous end of Carriers style fuzz.
On this The Last Thing I Heard release, the needs to delve into the darker recesses of fuzz are now decidedy less apparent. This is Hanemoon, so of course it is still there, but it now juxtaposed with an absolute, subtle deliberation, into tracks such as The Way We Came, Under the Canvas and Not My Fault, to augment all things Scottish power-pop with a certain extra insistence to the melodic pretty, rather than ever engulfing it.
Occasionally the release detours from the aforementioned template, but thankfully never too far away. Here, My Caravan and Anything Is Something Else visit the pre and post Its A Shame About Ray, Lemondheads sound, to provide the slightest of grumble and slacker-pop respectively.
In all of his guises / acts, Forster has always had an intense appreciation of exactly where the beauty lies in his music. With the little bit more clarity in this release, it has never been so apparent.





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