EP Review – Roller Coaster by Charlie Duda (self released)


Los Angeles based, bedroom act, Charlie Duda, burst onto the scene last year with a debut EP that had many of the micro blogs (that matter), falling over themselves to adorn it with lavish praise.
Janglepophub even went one step further, making it our ‘EP of the Year as testament to the fact that it was a full 6 months after the release that we finally stopped playing it, as virtually every track drifted through a sun laden journey to earworm central.
A year later he is back with more of the same. Essentially, Duda creates his sunshine out varying nuances of chiming jangle that slide towards the hazy recesses of psyche-pop with beguiling ease.
The truly superlative stand out, Rollercoaster, commences the release in a slightly atypical manner with a somewhat monasterial intro that is reminiscent of the choral of the Night Heron (now 3.A.M. Again) aesthetic. It then escapes such confines to impart layer upon layer of glorious subdued The Beach Boys style jangled melodies. It is the most gregarious track on the album and is joined in its perfect sense of beautiful lucidity and energy by the closing, Marbles.
Thankfully, Duda does not forsake his usual laconic sunsine for such new found dynamism, as Really Really and Fumbled a Few take us back to the jangly indie-pop meets, slight twee-pop vocal inflections, that typifies the best of his washed out, melodic, bedroom pop aesthetic. Such track have that feeling of reigniting a once cherished friendship, such is the casual warmth of the tone.
Already counting a large ‘on-line-Zine’ like LA Buzzbands, as a staunch supporter, this act is undoubtedly just a full length release away, from courting the widespread attention his brilliance deserves.









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