Single Review – She Buys Herself Flowers by The Umbrellas (2021) (Slumberland Records)


This music lark is so very easy. Formed in 2019 and releasing their debut Maritime EP on their Discontinuous Innovation Inc soon after, it was only a matter of months before Syncro Systems were offering it to the world on 7″ vinyl.
Of course, such a meteoric rise for this San Francisco foursome could not really countinue. Unless of course being signed by indie behomoths Slumberland Records, to release their debut, self titled album, could be classed as a ‘continuation’!?
She Buys Flowers or Herself dismisses the thoughts of the ‘some bands have all the luck brigade’, as it is quite possibly the best single from  the most recent, late 80s jangly indie-pop revival, that has been released this year.
Ticking off just about everything that was so precious about the era, the track takes The Groove Farm twanging riffs, slices them through the fluttering jangle of twee-pop acts like Brighter and Talulah Gosh and caps it all off with the disinterested, perfectly flat, female vocals, that have always been cooler than the very core of the arctic.
As is the way with Slumberland, several more singles will undoubredly be released between now and the August release date. If they are better, or even approach the quality of this track, we could have just listened to the first track off the album of the year !!!






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