Album Review – Golden Doubt by Quivers (2021) (Bobo Integral / Ba Da Bing! Records)


This is only the Quivers‘ second full length album after the superlative 2015 debut, We’ll Go Riding on the Hearses. It is testament to the absolute brilliance of this act, that despite only releasing a handful of singles from this album, the three track, You’re Not Always on My Mind EP from 2019 and last years quite brilliant R.E.M / Out of Time tribute album, they still appeal to jangle pop fans as one of those bands that have ‘made it’, whilst still retaining the very correct amount of indie-chic allure.
This release accentuates such a perfect balance. Infinitely more polished and hi-fi than the debut, the album excels on two definitive fronts. Initially homage is paid to the best of 80s and 90 jangly guitar pop, with the Oceanic jangle of The Chills being the obvious reference point for When It Breaks and Laughing Waters, whereas R.E.M style emotionality and the most traditional of their early College rock aesthetic, course through Videostore, Chinese Medicine and You’re Not Always On My Mind.
When you are ancient like me, the above sojourns into yesteryear are always welcome when the journey is so sweet. However, the best of this album is heard in Gutters Of Love and Hold You Back. Here such jangly traditions are juxtaposed with a modernity that is reminiscent of the Cool Sounds style of smooth, intonated vocals and 70/80s pop rock flourishes. It’s the Quivers at their most infectious.
The longer this act remain together the more likely they are to become absolute jangle pop legends. Why not assist such a process buy grabbing hold of the album…it is inevitable anyway !!!





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