Single Premiere – Stephanie Said by Subterfuge (2021) (Less Records)



This morning, I crumpled out of bed in groan aided instalments, put my pre-knee replacement brace on and shoved the handful of pills into me that will increase my chances of becoming a 70s something and my wife made me eat healthy stuff. Middle-age can be a bitch.
However, it can also have its benefits. Kids out of the house, career formulated and perhaps even a bit of ‘house paid for’ spare money. It is such benefits that has led to some of the great 40 / 50 something acts of very recent times, such as the likes of Lost Ships, The Slow Summits, The Jasmine Minks and The Vapour Trails, to either reform or start playing in earnest.
One such band who are currently reaping the benefits of having traversed such a ‘life journey’ are Dusseldorf six-piece, Subterfuge, who released four albums of jangly indie-pop magnificence between 1991 and 2007, before drifting off for a mere matter of 15 years to presumambly get on with all the important stuff of life and various solo projects.
Finally they are back with this Stephanie Said single, that it the first to be released off their forthcoming Dots album (due out on Less Records in early 2022) and it could not be a better example of the perfect jangly simplicity of their sound.
Initially, there is plainly a homage to the glorious 60s pop melodies of yesteryear, with a laconic, guitar-pop approach that drifts Scott Walker style washed out production, through 70s pop rock flourishes and the most subtle of steel riff accompaniments, that gives it just the thinnest of psyche edges.
It is one of those track that is so swathed in simplicity, that it drifts casually towards the more twee end of pop and insists upon repeated plays, in the sunshine, in your garden, with a beer and your loved ones. 
In our hopefully, soon to be imminent post COVID landscape, this is the absolute epitome of ‘we have company / relaxation music’ and the world would be a much less stressful place if we just indulged in its lazy beauty.
Out officially on 18 June 2021, Janglepophub are absolutely delighted to give it’s readership the initial listen.




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