Single Review – Feathers by Starry Eyed Cadet (2021) (Lilystars Records)


Everything San Francisco quintet, Starry Eyed Cadet, have previously released has always induced a grasping for the correct adjectives that explain the beauty of the beautiful fragility and sweetness of their typically south east asian, jangly indie-pop sound.
Suddenly, this Feathers singles, provides a definitive nuance shift, if not quite an absolute diversion, that feels just more appropriate for a track that deals with the gun crime and the resultant loss of a loved one.
Accordingly, the usual sweetness is engulfed by a subtle darkness, as the initial drop sees Sally Jati‘s beguiling, hushed vocals, drifting through dank basslines that are atypical in comparison to what the band have previously released, but still consistent in terms of their omnipotent sense of beauty.
The sense of conflict between a sense stunning and increased, calculated dreamy muscularity, continues throughout the track as chiming jangled riffs provide sumptuous melodies that are eventually usurped by a decent into a definitive fuzz-pop haze that seem so consistent with the haze of emotions exposure to the subject matter engenders.
This is a stunning tribute to a loved one lost in tragic circumstances.



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