EP Review – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Carpet Burn by Carpet Burn (2021) (Spoilsport Records)


If nature had not made me heterosexual and had not put many thousands of miles between us, my current fanboy status towards Tam Matlakowski (he of The Stevens, Pop Singles, Tam Vantage, Permits and Girlatones brilliance) could have easily graduated into some sort of ‘stalker / groupie type thing’. Unfortunately, in this instance, I feel I have that sadness in me.
He is back once again, performing with a Carpet Burn act that appeals courtesy of the same sort of laconic cool that he always seems to surround himself that seem to fit so naturally within the perfectly obtuse, jangly indie-pop roster, that the Spolisport Records label have recently been surrounding themselves with (i.e. Jarrow, The Great Divides, House Deposit etc).
So far, this Melbourne based foursome, may well be the natural contenders to claim the label’s brilliantly weird crown. Taking the whole completely disinterested, laid back, flat vocal nasality that only Aussies can really add absolute cool too, imbuing it with a sense of retro C86 / meets Parsnip / meets twanging twee sparsity, the sound just feels like a gang of mates getting there desires for atypical artistic machinations off their chests, in the form of dulcet, jangled whimsy.
Beyond Matlakowski, the band is comprised of Kayley Langdon (Blonde Revolver) and rhythmically supported by Amada Monteiro (Gutter Girls) and Louis McDonald (Plastic) to form a kind of left field, Melbourne, supergroup.
Perfectly weird and strangely jangly, this is a sound that thrives on being the sort of guitar-pop that no-one ever really intended.





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