Beat the Delete #0115 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello everyone and thanks once more for joining us for our latest weekly new music recommendations. 
This Beat The Delete weekly series continues to go from strength to strength, with last week being the highest recorded visits to a page at Janglepophub ever, with literally eleventy squillion gazillion and eight page visits.
Soon the sort of acts featured below, will be back to gigging again as the world ready itself to be free from face hankies. Until then why not chuck a bit of fiscal / social media love the way of your favourite acts, to see them over the final hurdle.
See ya next week.

Alex Haley

Track: Flake  From: Good Morning Sunshine (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
With a Britpop jangly muscularity and chiming riffs that resonate in the way that a union between early Primal Scream and The Bluetones might, this solo project excel in travelling the 90s retro road less travelled.


Track: Too Soon Too Long  From: Too Soon Too Long (single) Label: Contract Kill Records Out: Now
Putting a bit of jangle into the riot grrrl aesthetic, Jade Alcantara and Grace Bennett take the energy of Veruca Salt and imbue it with their own essential garage modernity.

Drawing Room

Track: Castles  From: Castles (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
With the whole sparse name, sparse title thing, this band oozes the class of melodic, subdued, post-punk in the same manner as the Editors.

Bridge Dog

Track: Lemon  From: Lemon (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Juxtaposing the aloof Britpop vocals with the jangly indie-pop of the late 80s Sarah era and an eventual crescendo into a fuzzy left field, this Sydney based duo make genuine originality out of the best of retro touchpoints.

Stars and Rabbit

Track: Pretty Anticipated  From: On Different Days (album) Label: Trapped Animal Records Out: Album out 25 June 2021.
A beautiful mix of Alice Phoebe Lou vocal traditionalism and skew Bjork left field lilts. This Indonesian duo jangle in all the most laconic of places.

Silver Firs

Track: Versions of You  From: Lake Hypoxia (EP) Label: Oh, Sister Records Out: Now
Seven piece, Swiss act, providing a dreamy ambience that is augmented by a mesh of modern psyche-pop, traditional folk and jangle-pop influences. A truly beautiful and original mixture of sounds.

Palo Soprano

Track: Summertime  From: Summertime (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Beautiful De Marco-isms, wrapped around dominant surf pop, jangled riffs, that demand a few lazy, lost hours in the company of good friends and a chosen beverage. This music by Ryan Pickard is the absolute epitome of musical sunshine.

Juno Roome

Track: Gardens  From: Gardens (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This NY singer-songwriter drifts his gorgeous, jangly dream-pop through subtle electronic flirtations, to proffer a single as moreish as it is hypnotic.

Hemi Hemingway

Track: The Lonely Hunter  From: The Lonely Hunter (EP) Label: PNKSLM Recordings Out: Now
With the slightest of lo-fi and gaze influences married to all things 60s pop, this solo project of London based Kiwi, Shaun Blackwell will appeal to everyone that celebrates sumptuous pop melodies.


Track: Outside  From: Outside (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Canadian act courses subtle jangled riffs through the most sumptuous of modern day pop rock sensibilities. One of those ear-worm tracks that your mouse just appears to naturally gravitate towards

The Slow Summits

Track: Then Again  From: Then Again (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
I receive a lot of promo blurb…the one attached to this latest, anglophile, jangly indie-pop, retro brilliance, is unsurpassed !
“Some might call it catchy. Others annoyingly catchy. Then there are those who think catchy is a way too simple description of a song, who think that, even if it, to the slightest extent, would be acceptable to make such an indolent and colloquial labelling – this song definitely does not meet any of the criterias, and would argue that since the origin of the concept ‘catchy’ in 1831 there have been only three times in music history where it has been more wrongly used. This song is for these chaps”.

Porkboii and CalicoLoco

Track: Spoken Word  From: Spoken Word (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Both acts have previously been featured on Beat The Delete pages, but their union came as something of a surprise. With Porkboii’s ability to offer L I P S style dream-pop as the perfect foil for the fragile riffs of Calico Loco, we’ll have to hope that this beautiful track is not just a once off collaboration.

Polaroid Buffalo Club

Track: Mystical Dreams  From: Twisted Collage (album) Label: Ikaros Records Out: Now
Psyche-rock, with equal amounts of early 60s surf and a slightly isolated, early 2000s, Clinic feel. It’s all hazy, laconic beauty from this Athens baded foursome.

Lucky Idiot

Track: Nice Day  From: Nice Day (single) Label: Sumoclic Out: Now
Comprising members of Golden Vessel, Surf Curse and Rei So La, this is a super group determined to make jangly lo-fi rock an absolute must.

Distant Days

Track: West Coast Dream FromWest Coast Dream  (single) Label: Sumoclic Out: Now
Sunshine mix of indie-rock, surf and a tinges of west coast psyche, provide the core to the perfectly melodic, cascading guitars of this Swedish foursome.

Marc Schuster

Track: Mazinga Z  From: Introverts Delight (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Sweet Belle and Sebastian style  twee-pop machinations, with added fragility provided via the Japanese lyrics, this Pennyslvanian based act, adds beautiful melodies via subtle jangled riffs.

Days of Television

Track: Come Of Age  From: Come of Age (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Days of Television is the solo project of a Singaporean who simply refers to himself as Aman. Much more enlightening is his musical aesthetic, that courses jangled riffs that are steeped in plinking oriental mystique, through the most subtle of gaze inflections. A truly beguiling sound.




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