Beat The Delete #0116 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining us once more for the 116th Beat The Delete weekly new music recommendations.
The country I reside in (South Africa) appears to have entered into a third of wave of COVID so virulent that hard lockdown has been enforced again. In this country this means I cannot buy beer until the lockdown is over, as apparently beer will automatically make me run up to snotty, sneezing, fevered types and love them with such enthusiasm, that I too will catch COVID. Thank you for saving me Mr President.
Oh well these great tracks have cheered me up and I hope they will appeal to you too !!!

The Soods

Track: Masquerade Promenade  From: A Ray Re-wired Vol. 1 (album) Label: GTG Records Out: Now
With its 60s melodc-pop inflections and lo-fi production, this beautiful track is in a similar vein to the brilliant The Telephone Numbers aesthetic.


Track: Some Days I Feel Like Pete Best  From: Wicked Machine (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Brilliant, left field, guitar-pop that mixes spaced out psyche and folk inflections, with the playfulness of the retro sounds of the instruments of yesteryear.

Doo Crowder

Track: Gratitude (feat Celia Daley and Shana VorhauerFromGratitude (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
For fans of the the twee-chic playfulness of the Kimya Dawson / Adam Green Union, this Moldy Peaches style lo-fi, bedroom pop, will tick all the right boxes.


Track: Firebird  From: Firebird (single) Label: Off-Center Records Out: Now
Juxtaposing the incessant wall of guitars / melodies of The Wedding Present with the more raucous end of The Frights indie rock arsenal, this is as dynamic as anything jangly gets.

Sad Hair Day

Track: Marie  From: Marie / Montana (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
The solo project of Macks Johanesen from The Shifts, this wonderful track is reminiscent of the beautiful pop melodies of recent acts like Subterfuge and Mt.Misery, augmented by San Fancisco style folk-pop inflections.


Track: Dreaming  From: Fools in Despair (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Think the Editors sense of precise, mixed with the jangly post-punk persuasions of The Cure and the melodic gaze inflections of all manner of Spirit Goth / Z Tapes acts and your are finding yourself in the brilliant musical ballpark of the Answers sound.

The Mergers

Track: Better Days  From: Three Apples in the Orange Grove (album) Label: Soundflat Records Out: Now
Marrying the Britpop muscualrity of the Oasis sense of anthemic with a Dinosaur Jr style fuzz laden wall of guitars and psyche-rock propensities, this German foursome provide energy in spades.

Justus Proffit

Track: Big Mistake  From: Speedstar (album) Label: Bar None Records Out: Album out 20 August 2021
With the feel of Elliot Smith finding his The Beatles button, this Los Angeles based singer-songwriter adds the cooler end of lo-fi to a 70s pop rock essence.

Vern Matz

Track: Polar Star Preschool  FromPolar Star Preschool (single) Label: Nice Guys Records Out: Now
The laconic, lo-fi jangly nature of this superb Michael Lituchy and Daniel Belgrad project, could well disguise the sardonic nature of a brilliant lyrical content that teases the hell out of the upper middle class and the absolute fact that all their offspring are racehorses and not donkeys !


Track: Shadowboxing  FromMaybe In The Summer (album) Label: Self released Out: Album release date TBA
The Killers style of anthemic indie rock, meets the faux melodic muscularity of the RGV and DIIV style of slight post-punk intensity. One of those tracks that young sorts would pick to head all manner of Spotify playlists.

Noah Kralyevich

Track: I’ll Still Remember FromI’ll Still Remember (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
New Order / The Cure post-punk sounds are immersed in a more traditional 80s guitar-pop that coerces eear-worm melodies out of a slightly dank atmosphere. Something truly original from this Jersey Shore native.

Shy Etiquette

Track: Summertime  From: Three Seas, Vol.2 (album) Label: Self released Out: 17 July 2021
Gorgeous, melodic, 70s inflected pop rock, augmented by a casual lacing of dream-pop modernity from this Staten Island based act.


Track: BADCOMPANY!!!  FromBADCOMPANY !!! (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Lo-fi, Parker Longbough fuzz mixed with subtle Guided By Voices intricacies is the musical modus operandi of this beguiling Sean Kipp project.

The Star Man

Track: Whole Lotta Flowers  From: Whole Lotta Flowers (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
A superb mix of Middleneck style subtle ambience and indie infused pop rock that touches upon the precision of Math Rock.  All over the place, but brilliantly so.


Track: No Bother  From: Tang (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Equidistant betwen Wire / Pylon 80s spike pop and the modern day post-punk metronome of the Primo! sound, this Ashbury Park act could be the new darlings of alt.jangle fans.

Ditch Bunnies

Track: A Great Flood  From: Above Spacer (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Lo Fi psyche rock juxtaposed against the perfect equilibrium of gaze that is subtle enough to enable slight jangled melodies to shimmer through. This solo project of J Fordyce is total left field beauty.


Track: Safari  From: Safari (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Mixing the sunshine jpop / surf jangle of a Charlie Duda type act with the mid- 2000s indie Rock of The Costellos, this Berkeley, CA, act offers the best that modern pop rock has to offer.

Out On The Weekend

Track: Distracted  From: Tunnel Vision (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Woozy, Mac De Marco guitar lines meets the Mt.Misery end of beautiful jangle-pop. This Nathan Scholz led project is everything 90s ‘pop gorgeous’ you can imagine.


  1. Thanks as always for your postings. I find many of your featured bands a bit twee for my tastes, but your writing never ceases to entertain, and once and a while you post a nice band that cranks up the amps a bit higher to my taste. I cannot believe you cannot get beer during a lockdown! That is cruel and mean. I dont know how I would have survived our lockdown in the States without beer. And More Beer. And More.


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