Album Review – Fake Ideas by Hurry (2021) (Lame-O Records)


I am not sure if every band ‘really feels’ that their latest, is both their magnum opus and a radical departure from what they have previously released. or whether the sheer intensity of effort and devotion to their latest craft, makes them ‘interview’ in such a way?
It is highly noticeable that it is often easy to wonder why the same aesthetic is assumed as being so different by the artist, when the listener is happy to revel in the uniformity that so readily attracts them to the sound. It is as if many artists believe in a need to change as a conduit for critical acclaim.
This Matt Scottoline, Philadelphia based foursome, never offers any pretension of musical paradigm shift. As such their sound, over the course of their last three brilliant albums, thrives on a warmth and familiarity engendered by slight nuance shift rather than any garish sense of disparity to what has proceeded it.
After the 90s fuzz-power-pop of Guided By Meditation (2016) glided into the cleaner crisper version in Every Little Thought (2018), this Fake Ideas release sees a further gentle slide into their most melodic sound yet, with A Fake Idea, Keep Being Yourself, Where You Go I Go and Oh Whitney, hinting at the earliest of Dropkick style power-pop beauty, augmented by just that extra semblance of thrum, that is so perfectly Hurry.
Of course this band will never really be able to completely tame the absolute dynamism that is both their signature sound and indeed so very Lame O Records. As such Doomsday, Slogging Through the Summer and In My Very Old Age, put the pedal to the metal of chugging, 80s powerpop intensity. They are tracks that simply feel like a band letting off steam and they provide the perfect ying normality to abnormally harmonic yang, of the surrounding prettiness.
Hurry will undoubtedly retain their scuzzy power-pop core for their next album and then veer it off down another slight b-road of a detour. Once again it would be unfeasible not to take the ‘road oft travelled’ with them. This album just confirms the essential nature of being involved in that journey.








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