Beat The Delete #0117 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks to everyone for visiting this weekly Beat The Delete article once more and indeed dragging yourself away from the marvellous festival of watching the England football team march ever gloriously onto Euro 2020’s domination.
Altogether now, to the tune of Boney M‘s Daddy Cool… “Harry, Harry Kane…”
Next week I probably will be back to not mentioning the football as England lose the semi final or final, on penalties, as usual ! …as an England fan, it’s the hope that kills ya !!!

Archie Sagers

Track: Gold Again FromGold Again (single) Label: Craft Room Recordings Out: Now
With The Chameleons style post-punk melodies, this track has one of those ear-worms dominant riffs that only the greatest acts can coerce out of absolute simplicity.


Track: Happy Someone FromHappy Someone (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Too lo-fi and unpolished to be sophisti-pop, but so perfectly precise with every note and vocal chord, this solo project of Julian Pitt has been the purveyor of consistently wonderful bedroom-pop for may years now.

Jet City Sports Club

Track: Spinning Me Out  From: September Sun (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Mazzy Starr hushed vocal introspection, meets the best of the female fronted Britpop acts. Gorgeous melodies imbued with Aussie sunshine from this Sydney based foursome.

Dog In Confusion

Track: Babygirl  From: Dog in Confusion (EP) Label: Fusion Records Out: Now
This solo project of Athens based Stavros Theiakos takes The Doors style, washed out psyche and laces it with early 60s surf rock, before adding all manner of jangled reference points to the musical equation. This entire EP is highly recommended.

Fehlt (ft Boshe)

Track: Light Porcelain FromLight Porcelain (single) Label: Clue Records Out: Now
Dark post-punk / kraut rock atmospheres, mixed with spindly, agitated jangled riffs that evoke feeling of early era The Cure. Truly compelling, forboding melancholy.

Meadow Argus

Track: Gone Extinct FromSilverling (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Described in their promo notes as ‘dark jangle fuzz pop songs’, this Queensland based duo make the middle ground between the post-punk lucid of The Chameleons and the vibrant dulcet jangle of The Bats, their very own.

The Smittens

Track: Wanna Go Dancin (So Far Away) From: Wanna Go Dancin (So Far Away) (EP) Label: Fika Recordings Out: Now
Twee pop, bubblegum-pop, indie-pop…however you wish to categorize them, this Burlington based act have been doing all the above with their gorgeous ‘jangled slight’ for nearly two decades now !


Track: Oh  From: Oh (single) Label: Kaleidoscope Out: Now
With the warm emotionality of the Soccer Mommy / Sock Jock sound, married to Big Thief style subdued jangled riffs, this Glasgow based three-piece join the likes of The Just Joans and The Wife Guys of Reddit in stamping alt.jangle-pop on the soundscape of the city.

Strange Neighbors

Track: Mystic Piers  From: Mystic Piers (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Unusual, yet beguiling, to hear the early 60s surf sounds of Dick Dale / The Ventures, mixed with dream-pop essences and swirling female vocals. This quartet of New Yorkers are augmenting a sound that has been left stagnating for years.

Kevin J.B. O’Connor

Track: Cruel Sun  From: Scarecrow (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
With the lucid background jangle-gaze melodies of the Glom style aesthetic coursing through rumbling Galaxie 500 style machinations, this Lexington, KY, based act will appeal to all those that revel in the Elephant 6 vibe.

Stellan Wahlstrom Drift Band

Track: Into The Light FromAs Real As In A Dream  (single) Label: Self released Out: Album release date TBA
Led by Stellan Wahlstron (from garage rockers The Wylde Mammoths) this Stockholm based quintet imbue the crooning guitar-pop of The Dream Syndicate with all manner of jangly power-pop raucous and fuzz.

Odd Beholder

Track: Accept Nature FromAccept Nature (single) Label: Sinnbus Out: Now
Swiss musician Daniela Weinmann creates a mixture of slightly dank post-punk, juxtaposed with isolated that jangled riffs that nibble away at the melancholy. A truly beautiful end product.


Track: Chit Chat FromToday I Had A Good Conversation (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Jangly, lo-fi rock, wrapping dark, dsinterested vocals around weird ear-worm left field. This Atlanta, Georgia, solo act is the sort of act that oozes originality.

Two Guns Gonzo

Track: Hattori Outlaw FromHattori Outlaw (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
2nd appearance on these Beat The Delete pages for Finland’s finest purveyors of early 60s Dick Dale style surf-rock.

Billy Bardo

Track: Sunshine II From: Midnight at the Sunset Ballroom (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
The jangliest, 80s style garage rock meets Americana, that the world is ever likely to hear ! Houston’s Billy Bardo provides the best of earworm retro.


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