EP Review – She Will Leave Unless By Love, Burns (2021) (Calico Cat)


Love, Burns is the solo project of Phil Sutton (Pale Lights, Cinema Red and Blue, The Soft City, Kicker, Comet Gain) a man so inextricably linked to a genre that he could stomp through a corridor full of balloons, throwing glass bottles with abandon and banging a big bass drum like a demented clown…and the noise ommitted would primarily be stunning jangle-pop.
Thankfully prolific, this is the projects’ fourth release since April 2020 and sees the jangle quotient maintained with the formation/involvement of something of a jangly indie-pop supergroup.
As such we hear Ben Phillipson (his bandmate with Comet Gain) provides the jangly  riffs on a title track, that drifts Sutton‘s gorgeous croon through a laconic tempo that harks back to the sense of sumptuous that was heard on the b-side to the Gate and the Ghost / It’s a Shame debut single, that Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten released on 7″ vinyl, back in October 2020.
Similarly, Kyle Forrester add his considerable jangle reputation to proceedings, taking the lead guitar on Say What You Mean with it’s vibrant, overtly melodic, Pale Lights feel and also providing the subtle chiming riffs on The Push and the Pull of The Great Outdoors, which is the genuine stand out of the release, despite the stiffest of competition.
You never really know where and with what old and/or new project, Sutton will turn his considerable talents to next. However, hopefully the sheer frequency of therecent  releases with Love,Burns might signal that he is currently content enough with this one to let it run…and long may it continue !





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