Album Review – The Colours Blur by Bobsled Team (2021) (Self released)


In the summer of 2020, The Bobsled Team, released the incredible The Pink Moon and You’re So Cool debut singles. According to subsequent communications with the band, in which I became all gushing fanboy, Janglepophub were the first to feature their music.
I only impart this spectacularly dull tale upon you all, as I want you all to think that Janglepophub is brilliant for finding and backing the best in new music, before a bag load of other bigger Zines and BBC Introducing started to give them their patronage. Just stroke our ego a bit won’t ya!
To be honest it was very easy to back such brilliance and as such I am probably only marginally better than lesser scribes like Rolling Stone (etc), and this, the Belfast’s duo’s, debut album, merely serves to confirm the absolute strength of their credentials.
The flyer singles mentioned above confirm exactly what the Bobsled Team aesthetic is comprised of. A swirling fuzz laden core, with faux jangled melodies slid in between the noise and backed by that strange vocal lilt that the best of indie Irish acts always seem to augment there sound with, this is dream-pop with an originality that hints at all manner of C86 style, ad-hoc propensities.
With the excellence of the lead singles acting as a standard it was always going to be a risk that any debut album might be an anti-climax in comparison. However, this duo neatly sidestep any such issues with Hey Kid, Lullaby and the superlative stand out of Cool Water, proving that consistency is an obvious forte.
Another album down the line and they will undoubtedly confirm their current potential to be my “soon to be very favourite band”.





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