Single review – Two Twenty Two by Peter Hall (2021) (Self released)


After the absolute beauty of Hartlepool based, Mt.Misery’s debut album, it has come as something of a revelation that the now Nottingham based, Peter Hall, is also a born and bred “monkey hanger” (you may need to be a UK Northerner to get the reference) !
Either way, all hail Hartlepool, as Hall cements its recent reputation as the ‘(North) east coast Liverpool’ in terms of its recent propensity for providing the world with sumptuous melodic guitar-pop, with this, his first single, from a Light The Stars album that is due out later in the year.
Coursing the sense of purposeful under-production that is so evocative of his The Beautiful Music label mate, Armstrong (Julien Pitt’s solo project), the true magnetism of the Hall sound, is that he always manages to make it awash with a sense of sophistication and deliberation, that ensures the addition of optimal beauty to every note.
With further augmentation provided by orchestral flourishes, traditional jangly guitar-pop and a vocal delivery that has to be one of the sweetest, perfectly unpolished tones in pop at present, this single promises the world from the forthcoming album.
Disclaimer: As you can imagine from his beautiful, sensitive, musical aesthetic…he does not really hang monkeys.




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