Beat The Delete #0119 (weekly new music recommendations)


Last Friday evening, I was coerced away from the wonderfully jangly and quite simply beautiful new Torrey album, by a wife in throes of absolute grumposity, to come and spend some ‘family time’ with her and the kids.
After thumping them all at various board games, we finished the night watching a documentary about some diver type, who followed a very clever octopus around for a couple of years until it had babies and died, as is the way of Octopii. We spent the remainder of our night consoling the various testaments to my fertility, who were at various levels of distraught about the sea life that was no more.
The next day we went for a meal and I forgot all of the above and ordered Falkland’s calamari. The kids haven’t spoken to me for three days and the wife says it is typical of my thoughtlessness.
All I have is music now…so come share the best of the new stuff with me (below).

Monnone Alone

Track: Pepper Jar From: Stay Foggy (Album) Label: Lost & Lonesome / Meritorio Records / Emotional Response / Royal Mint Records Out: Album release TBA
It seems quite trite to keep mentioning the connection of Mark Monnone to jangle pop legends The Lucksmiths, especially when his new project has taken the absolute jangled beauty of his previous band and added a sense of absolute cool to it, via a downplayed sense of dulcet and a bag load of subtle fuzz. Here’s is the latest brilliant single.

The Formans

Track: Hanna Come On From: Hanna Come On (single) Label: Cave Cricket Out: Album release TBA
Håkan Hellström meets Roy Orbison meets The Beatles. The best of 60s retro-pop is the modus operandi of this Gustaf Westin side-project


Track: Know I Hate It From: Know I Hate It (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Beach Fossils / Real Estate jangled melodies, infused with lo-fi propensities and augmented by subtle, Swiss Portrait style reverb. This solo project of Jake De Witt reprsents the potential for bedroom-pop magnificence.

Wojtek The Bear

TrackThe Tide That Won’t Come Back From: Heaven by the Back Door (Album) Label: Last Night From Glasgow Out: Now
Squeezing out every extra ounce of guitar-pop beauty that is humanly possible, Wojtek The Bear are the Glasgwegian version of all manner of Micheal Head / Candy Opera sounds from early 80s Liverpool.

Brown Bear Collective

TrackDon’t Wanna Be Alone From: Don’t Wanna Be Alone (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This solo project of Manchester’s, Dillon Thomas, is the exact reason why a regular trawl through the mountains of bedroom-pop the webs offers, is sometimes extremely  worthwhile.

Moving In Slow

TrackSorry From: Sorry (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Jangly indie rock filled with melodies and hooks that grab you by the earworm testicles and threatens to never let go. A truly brilliant single from this Laurant Chavannes solo project.

Coastal Tang

TrackOut To Sea From: Out To Sea (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Perth based five-piece, playing a sort of Babe Radio style psyechedelic rock, awash with jangled riffs and the hazy/humid sunshine that is so typical of the area.

Jesse D’Kora

TrackFar From Home From: Far From Home (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Manchester’s answer to the sunshine laden surf / jangle-pop of Charlie Duda, resounds with casual earworm melodies that should accompany ‘all’ those moments of sheer relaxation.


Track: Halfway Home From: Boomer Ballads (Album) Label: Self released Out: Album release date TBA
This Sydney native courses the most beautiful of sub indie folk ballads, through the best jangly lo-fi rock imaginable. Really looking forward to the forthcoming album and every follow button is firmly pressed so I do not miss release date!

Andy Martin

TrackI’m Used To This FromI’m Used To This  (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Washed out, sunshine laden, jangly pop-rock that squeezes every bit of beauty out of the the Sam Fender / Violet Beach aesthetic and augments it with a vocal delivery that is so beautifully controlled and textured.

Care Package

TrackPinch FromI Wanna Swim  (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Jangly riffs, washed through both neo-pysyche and dream-pop textures. A track that is typical of the entire, beautiful debut EP of this Pittsburg based five-piece.

The Guatanamos

TrackTwist FromAsylum Escape  (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Dick Dale / The Ventures style early 1960s style surf rock from this Tuscany based act, augmented with the best possible usage of dirty reverb, to add a grumbling sour to the sumptuous sweetness.

Always You

TrackHave It Your Way FromBloom Off The Rose  (EP) Label: Shelflife Records / Discos De Kirlian Out: Now
Beach Fossils jangly laconic,meets the swooning pop of the Prefab Sprout / Torrey sound in an album of sumptuous, 80s inflected, romantic pop melodies.

Álamo Estepario

Track: Ceferio From: Yuxtaposicion II (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Imagine the lo-fi jangled beauty of the Middleneck sound, granted the gift of fragile gaze machinations. Earphones in the dark music at its very best, from this solo project of Argentina’s Bautista García.


Track: Cold Snack From: Something Happy (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
This San Francisco foursome have cornered the recent market in beautiful, dreamy, jangle pop, with this essential track off an album of hook heavy, melancholic melodies.

It Happens

Track: Marcia From: Marcia (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Somewhere equi-distant between The Beach Boys melodic surf-pop and modern day, The Pierce Kingans style, left field, lo-fi rock. These Aussies forego all that is Oceanic and drift perfectly into the most jangly of Americana’s sounds.

Binding Spell

Track: Sunrise Get You Down From: English Basement (Album) Label: Cave Cricket Out: Album release TBA
The jangliest psyche-rock that you will ever hear coming out of a smoke filled bar somewhere in dusty America. This project of multi-instrumentalist Roger Poulin, just exudes that lived it, blue collar essence, that very few can master.


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