Single review – Hanna Come On by The Formans (2021) (Self released)


The Formans ‘band’, are the solo side project of Gotenborg based multi- instrumentalist, Gustaf Westin. Compared to his usual electro/commercial pop sound, this appears to be the vehicle he uses to indulge in a passions towards all things so gloriously retro.
As such, this debut single drifts jangle-pop hooks and melodies through every conceivable essence of traditional 60s guitar pop, whilst always keeping perfectly in touch with the pop-rock flourishes that made the 70s so much more than Abba, flares and Glam rock.
Of course, there are an absolute plethora of modern acts that do all things 60/70s, that are within touching distance of jangle-pop beauty. However, there is an essence of lo-fi production and slightly thwarted vocal intonation, that just gives this a slight left field edge, that removes the overt saccharine / schmaltzy that can blight the sound of other acts, who adhere too rigidly to the original vibe.
Westin’s Spotify bio talks of an ambitious project to release a single every month for the foreseeable future. If they are all as good as this, there is bound to be a Pretty Olivia, Meritorio Records, Subjangle or Bobo Integral type label waiting to put them all on an album at the projects’ conclusion !






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