Album review – Pleasant Dreams by The Yellow Melodies (2021) (Self released)


After the wonderful trilogy of Sunshine Pop EP’s, released over the proceeding year, Murcia finest twee-poppers, The Yellow Melodies, appear to be rewarding their hard work and sense of prolific, by releasing something that is plainly so very dear to their hearts, in the form of a tribute album.
Normally, with the exception of the wonderful releases that the Fadeawayradiate blog get so ridiculously right, I tend to run as fast as my age addled knees will allow, at the very mention of such a project, let alone when a twee-pop act like this, take on something as disparate to their general aesthetic as a tribute to the Ramones.
However, this Spanish foursome could fart into a bottle and the noise that would be ommitted would always be so very cool. Thus it is so. Rather than ruining the 40th Birthday of this release with too much cutesy, The Yellow Melodies celebrate their absolute love for it, with an affection that resounds around two core aesthetics.
Initially, the best of the album sees The KKK took my baby away, Don’t Go, 7-11 and This Business Is Killing Me, takes a stance that is almost entirely faithful to the usual sound of TYM. All fuzzy melodies, cutesy vocal imperfections aroused by English lyrics being delivered with a pro- Spanish accent and swirling loveliness that tweaks at every twee-pore your body posesses. Strangely it works perfectly, when really it should not.
The indie-electro swathes of strangeness of the mid 90s Rocketship sound is prevalent in It’s not my place (in the 9 to 5 world), She’s A Sensation and You Didn’t Mean Anything To Me, replete with swirling organ sounds that largely replaces the inessant Ramones three-chordisms.
The Yellow Melodies have had a place in my musical affections for 15+ years now and it is easy to see why, when their fun, tribute projects, are better than most acts most celebrated releases. 
Total twee-pop magicians…as always.








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