Single Review – Hideout by Smile (2021) (Self released)


The Janglepophub connection with Turin foursome, Smile, runs deep these days. Initially, starting with Beth Dobson sending me a few of their tracks that she could not stop playing on her Indie Lounge radio show and eventually ending up with our  Subjangle label (in conjunction with Turin’s Dotto label) releasing the band’s debut and overwhelmingly brilliant, The Name of the Band is Smile debut album, in March 2021.
She knows a thing or two about music does Beth and the release ended up being one of the label’s top seller and attracted the critical acclaim of all the micro-blogs and zines that matter, including seemingly every major music media in Italy and even getting played on BBC radio. It eventually became extremly obvious Beth had got things very right !!!
This single takes something of a detour from the rollocking, grumbling, melancholic jangle rock of their debut, but one that opens up a whole new set of possibilities for a new album (although this is a stand alone single), that I am reliably informed is in the making.
For this is Smile at their ‘prettiest’ so far. Taking early R.E.M. college rock style jangle, that utilizes the slight ramshackle and undertated lo-fi of the Athens based acts’ superlative early EP’s as a core, before allowing the jangled riffs to shine through a twanging shine that hints at so many early 80’s UK jangle-pop acts. This is the Turin based act getting as jangly-retro-lucid as you could ever imagine.
I am not sure whether this aesthetic completely indicative of their forthcoming release, or if it is just them indulging their jangle passions of yesteryear? Whatever the answers to such irrelevant questions, this is a band who seem determine to show their absolute mastery of all things jangly/what jangle-pop has to offer.
Hopefully they will give Subjangle another go, before marching off to the vinyl label that they so richly deserve. However, if not I am going to join the queue to ensure I get a copy of their next ‘sell out’ physical release.




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