Single review – Songs for You (Demo) by Seafoam (2021) (Self released)


Such is my propensity to consume useless facts and regurgitate them to all and sundry with an enthusiasm that apparently only I can fathom, my wife and close friends mockingly refer to me as the ‘oracle of all that is pointless’. I am however very good at Trivial Pursuits.
Despite this, I have absolutely no knowldege about this Seafoam act (there appears to approximately 7 million bands with the same name on Bandcamp and Discogs, which does not assist in satiating my thirst for knowledge) other than this two track, Songs For You single, appears to be the Los Angeles based duo’s (consisting of Adam Stafford and Belinda Cai) debut and they also do not appear to be buying into the whole social media thing, with the exception of a one post Instagram page.
Beyond that, I know this release is good, beguiling even, with both tracks being formed around the same core aesthetic. Initially, it is all fragile, miniscule, jangled riffs, that are rooted within a very subdued Talulah Gosh sense of twang, rather than the current vogue of Sarah Records fluffy.
This foundation is then juxtaposed against a sense of twee-pop simplicity that is developed as through cute male/female vocal harmonies and interplay, to ensure this is jangly twee-pop that perfectly marries Go Sailor / Tiger Trap style, 90s indie-chic cutesy and Cub style simplicity.
I have no idea whether these demos are an indication of a more substantial release being in the making, however with the absolute potential heard in these tracks I certainly hope so.





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