Beat The Delete #0120 (weekly new music recommendations)


Perhaps I am a few weeks too late, or have just been wallowing in my own sense of self-pity as the country I reside in was in hard lockdown for the last month, but the last week just felt like something of a watershed for European / US acts, who all appear to be flooding their social media with stories/pictures of recents gigs and ads of future gigs, that you actually believe will happen.
Of course some of these acts have been gig-less for over 18 months and the sheer joy ommitted in their posts has kept me engaged well beyond my usual ‘catakerous old git’ tolerance of overt happiness…Well done music world…you smashed it !!!
Anyway thanks for joining us one more for BTD #0120, hope some of the following acts make their way towards your follow / buy lists. 

Dutch Criminal Record

TrackReturn to Dust FromReturn to Dust (single) Label:  Frtyfve Records  Out: Now
This Chichester based threesome course the best of Fletcher style jangly pop surf pop, through the milder end of The Bluetones Britpop sweetness. For fans of the recent  Mt.Misery / Subterfuge pop melodic.

Sea Oh When

TrackIn The Clouds FromOver There (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Somewhere equidistant between Jack Strauber, Big Thief and Elliott Smith. This bedroom-pop act threads beautiful jangled melodies through the best that lazy melancholy has to offer.

The Real Sea

TrackPaper Machete FromPaper Machete (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Somewhere between The Sundays style jangly indie-pop and the sumptuous floaty of Alvvays, this Pittsburgh foursome’s debut single, should slap everyone accross the face with the big stick of potential !

A Days Wait

TrackScars FromScars (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Pitched somewhere between the jangly neo-psyche riffs of Real Estate and the slight, melodic gaze sensibilities of Swiss Portrait, this Canadian duo offer the best of dreamy, surf laden retro.

Green Seas

TrackTrident (Pure Evil) FromTrident (Pure Evil) (single) Label:  Ghostie Recordings Out: Now
Dulcet, downplayed jangled riffs and chunky grooves, beautifully disguised within a story of apocalyptic destruction. A real earworm from this project, led by Massachusetts based, Brendan Hughes.


TrackHeyshaw FromAssembly (single) Label:  Alcopop! Records  Out: EP Out 22.10.21
Definitely one for alt.jangle fans, as this seven-piece from Brighton twist brilliant faux melodies through all manner of metronomic Devo-isms.

The Waitlist

TrackLosing My Reflection FromLosing My Reflection (single) Label:  Self released  Out: Now
For fans of 90s introspective alt rock of Modest Mouse and the spiky guitars of the mid 2000s Postcard revival scene, this Boston based act will hit all the right retro chords.

Social Media

TrackGone FromGone (single) Label:  Blanket Fort Out: Now
Folk acoustic guitar, indie pop melodies and ethereal vocals all amalgamate in the sound of this solo project by New Jersey’s, John Messina, to provide a swirling sense of beauty.

Spirit and the Cosmic Heart

TrackShadow FromMoments (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Stunning, jangly gaze laden, dream-pop that thrives upon a sense of epic cinematic and a fuzzy, gaze-laden laconic. A truly immense sound from the Florida based foursome.

The Hollywood Freeway Ghosts

TrackLights FromLanding Gear (EP) Label:  Freeway Records Out: Now
Jangled riffs aplenty, including a dominant hook that makes you lust for more. This act bled 90s alt rock, indie rock modernity and all manner of the best jangle-pop imaginable.

The Nitwits

TrackEasier FromEasier (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
The jangliest 50s rock n’ roll / pop melodies that you are ever likely to feast your ears upon. One of those tracks that the mouse just gravitates back too, begging for more !


Justus Proffit

TrackThinking Type FromSpeedStar (single) Label:  Bar/None Records Out: Now
Thinking Type is the last of three singles released off the forthcoming SpeedStar album, that is being released towards the end of August 2021. Without doubt the best so far, it is the perfect display of Proffit’s jangle (indie) pop, meets lo-fi perfection.

Porter Block

TrackAngry FromCleaning Up The Living Room (album) Label:  Self released  Out: Now
Sumptuous 70s style pop rock melodies, intermittently coursed through a slightly fuzzy, power-pop filter. This NYC duo have a remarkable way with a tune and lyricism. Reminds me a bit of the best of the Gorgeous Bully essence.

Griffith James

TrackComfortably High FromComfortably High (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
With the beguiling mix of Mac DeMarco laconic melodies and Elliott Smith lo-fi melodies, this track has pure beauty ommiting from every musical pore.


TrackThe Cave In My Dreams FromThe Cave In My Dreams  (single) Label:  Self released   Out: Now
A miriage of sounds, featuring fragile late 80s indie pop jangled riffs, grumbling garage and fuzzy power-pop. A superb left field that never lets you settle.

Random Dudes

TrackWhat To Say FromWhat To Say (single) Label:  Self released  Out: Now
Sipper style, downplayed jangled riffs and lo-fi production, augmented by a slacker-pop essence that is so very perfect when done ‘this’ well. This Dusseldorf based act do do ‘jangly laconic’ perfectly.

David Gale

TrackOn New Year’s Day FromDown In Smoke (album) Label:  Self released  Out: Now
70/80s Pop Rock, given a sense of almost cinematic epic that graces the incredible lyrical storytelling and track development that is resplendent in the work of this New Yorker.

Twilight Lounge

TrackDiamonds in her Eyes FromDiamonds in her Eyes (single) Label:  Self released  Out: Now
A glorious marriage of twanging jangled riffs, psyche rock and dreamy gaze inflections, this is the solo project of a man that reveals nothing about himself other than he is called Noah, he is from Alabama and his music is hypnotic in all the best connotations of the word.



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