Single Review – Other Humans by Sweet Nobody (2021) (Daydream Records)


This Long Beach based foursome, consisting of  Joy Deyo (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Brian Dishon (drums), Casey Snyder (lead guitars) and Adam Nolan (bass), have always been the sort of act that augment every track with the subtle persuasion that makes the listener feel that ‘everything’ has been poured into every note.
Other Humans, the latest of three recent flyer singles from the forthcoming, Were Trying Our Best album (out of Daydream Records on 17th September) never threatens to diminish such a glorious sense of emotionality.
Taking the theme of social alienation and twisting and delving into the possibility that it has become the new normal as epitomized by the inreased tendency for much of our social interaction to revolve around the ‘sadness’ (on two levels) of ‘laptop liaisons’ (as seen in the verse below), it is hard to imagine much more lyrical poignancy.
I meet em through a pane of glass
And then I do a hollow laugh
Just to sound like everybody else
What else can I do?
Is this what other humans go through?
Such melancholy is present, but not exactly onipotent in the musical accompaniment, as the distant, swirling jangled riffs of the Alvvays sound cavort with a The Sundays style, slightly hushed vocal delivery, that gathers a Gretchen DeVault strength as the track progesses and the tempo increases.
Intensely beautiful out, this track is reason/potential enough to press every follow button available to ensure you get hold of the album on release day.





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