Beat the Delete #0122 (weekly new music recommendations)


As always the submissions and subsequently the Beat The Delete playlist is somewhat lower than usual, primarily due to acts preferring not to have their new release engulfed by the mountain of mails your gmail deals with around Bandcamp Fridays.
However, we still have 14 great tunes to show that only quantity, as opposed to quality, is compromised at this time of the month.

Gabriels Dawn

TrackI Don’t Believe (in the Summer of Love) FromGabriels Dawn (album) Label:  Loose Canyon Records Out: Album release TBA
This is the third flyer single off the forthcoming self titled album and underlines the brilliance of it’s two predecessors, with a subtle mix of fragile, late 80s, jangly indie-pop and 60s psyche-pop.


TrackToday FromFools in Despair (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now
From the perspective of its jangle-pop reference points, this Melbourne based duo of Mathew Standfield and Grace Costello, claim the beautiful middle ground somewhere equidistant between The Chameleons style melodic post-punk and the sumptuous gaze-inflections of 17 Years old and Berlin Wall.

Tidal Rave

Track Banana FromAlbumette (album) Label:  Fishrider Records Out: Album release TBA
A left field mix of Look Blue Go Purple style Dunedin and Britpop / Sleeper style indie-chic. Another absolute winner from a New Zealand based Fishrider Records label who always find and champion the best of everything different and alt.jangle.


TrackNot Tired FromMore of Your Favourites (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now
With the chiming jangled riffs of the early Real Estate sound, married to the more gregarious melodies of the modern, lofi production / surf rock aesthetic of an act like Tennis Club, this foursome are doing everything to ensure Brooklyn, NY, remains as a recent jangle-pop epicentre.


TrackI Chewed Your Day FromYours To Take (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Fans of 80/90s gaze acts such as Slowdive / Lush, will be enamoured by this Dylan Hull solo project, especially considering his propensity to find a way to always let the fuzz laden, jangled melodies, to be omnipresent.

The Blue Herons

TrackElectric FromElectric (single) Label:  GrindEthos Records Out: Now
This, The Blue Herons‘ fourth single in the last eight months, is perhaps the most beautiful of the batch, with swirling The Sundays style, intimate jangly riffs, gently supporting the sheer beauty of the Gretchen DeVault vocals. As always, truly beautiful stuff.

Fascination Grand Chorus

TrackPandemonium FromTerror in the Night: Act 2 (EP) Label:  Silent Stereo Records Out: Now
For those enamoured by the mix of the jangly indie and faux 60s girl pop melodies of The Crystal Furs, this brilliant New Jersey act will be a wonderful addition to the corner of your hardrive devoted to that aesthetic.

Jordan Summerlad and Lizzy Miller

TrackWithout An End FromWithout An End (single) Label:  Self released Out: Album release TBA
A stunning mixture of retro production, laconic twee-pop and the most melodic of jangly indie-pop, means this gorgeous track appeals on just about every pertinent ‘pop’ level.


TrackApple Tree FromApple Tree (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
With a dark, 60s psyche-pop core, infused with the most lucid jangle-pop riffs imaginable, this Los Angeles based foursome represent all that was/is special about both genres.

Sam Nardella

TrackHey You FromHey You (single) Label:  Emery Sounds Records Out: Now
Perfecting the innate blue collar essence of the Bruce Springsteen sound and imbuing it with the most precious jangly modernity and the slightest of a power-pop persuasion, Sam Nardella provides melodies that feel like they tumble out of each other in perfect order.

Central Heat Exchange

TrackAlmost To You FromCentral Heat Exchange (album) Label:  Birthday Cake Media Out: Album out 10.09.21
This is the third flyer single from the forthcoming album that this Chicago based foursome have released and it is arguably the best, juxtaposing laconic Vern Matz style semi fuzz / gentle tones withjangly riffs…every follow button is pressed to remind me to get hold of a copy of this album when it is released in September.

The Formans

TrackLonely Eyes FromLonely Eyes (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
The 2nd, in an ambitious Gustaf Westin project to release a single every month for the next twelve months. The two releases so far have been perfect examples of 60s inflected pop melodies, that, in a just world, would have labels everywhere angling to put them all 12 a compilation next summer.

Constant Companion

TrackCall Me Caligula FromCall Me Caligula (single) Label:  Dearest Dissident Records Out: Now
With the jangly indie rock propensities of Dehd mixed with the janglier end of The Breeders / The Pixies 90s alt rock aesthetic, Constant Companion add some much needed grit and grumble to the genre, in this, their first release since 2016.

Robert Ellis Orrall

TrackSunshine FromSunshine (EP) Label:  Fixation Records Out: Now
Imagine the Mt.Misery jangly melodic, juxtaposed with as much sunshine as The Beach Boys offered and you are in the right, 60s jangle-pop territory that this Boston based solo artist revels in.




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