Album Review – Albumette by Tidal Rave (2021) (Fishrider Records)


After the absolute brilliance of the Banana lead single alerted me to the potential of this act / release, it hugely satisfying that my ‘follow button’ press, administered to remind me of the impending album release, has been hugely rewarded.
Essentially these eight tracks by Wellington (New Zealand) sextet, Tidal Rave, excel within two exactly interlinked nuances. Initially Knots, The Rain and The Four Seasons, take the anxious, spindly riffs of the Gang of Four aesthetic and course it through the downplayed, disinterested Melbourne dolewave. Such a sound is dulcet, dank, bordering on the post-punk feel of Primo!, but still definantly melodic.
The melody becomes more important in the other half of the album, as Surf’s Down, Limmy and Banana increase the jangle quotient. It is still not the sort of sound that will have you skipping hand in hand down the street with your beau, enjoying the sunshine(-pop), as it is still too claustophobic for that, but it has that vibe that ultimately made the best of the Dunedin Sound acts, so inportant to the jangle-pop genre.
Tidal Rave just revel in that typically kiwi/Antipodean aesthetic that seems to be able to wring absolute cool out of the dryest of cloths and long may it continue !








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