Single Review – Miss Hughes / Please Fade Away by The Crystal Furs (2021) (Kitten Pants Records)


As the world teetered on the various precipes of first wave pandemic anxiety, this blog’s Subjangle label was so very fortunate that this Portland based, all female threesome, allowed us to retain a bit of normalcy by releasing their amazing Beautiful and True on CD in June 2020. Inspired by the obvious brilliance of the album Reckless Yes then released on all sorts of colourful vinyl in June 2021 (grab a copy here). We could not have been more proud of them all !!!
Now The Crystal Furs are back with their first new music non-cover / non holiday tribute music in over a year, with this superlative Miss Hughes / Please Fade Away single that they have released on their own Kitten Pants Records label.
Thankfully both tracks are still very much The Crystal Furs in absolutely every way and promises an absolute world of potential in relation to their In Coastal Light album that they are applying the finishing touches too.
Essentially, this is everything as retro as anything retro could possibly be. Late 80s style fragile, jangly indie-pop aligned to hushed percussion, mixed with a core thread of Farfisa organ that grounds the salacious, but perfect use of subtle reverb, this is the sound of a band that are prepared to press every Fascination Grand Chorus button, weld it to the early Rocketship vibe and still manage to augment it with a sense of indie-chic that is so inimitably theirs.
This single is great, the new album will be great and The Crystal Furs, without doubt, have the potential to be the best left field, jangly indie-pop act around at present !!! Press all ‘follow buttons’ you can find to make sure you get hold of their new album when it is released.






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