Album Review – Lost You Long Ago by The Arctic Flow (2021) (Sunday Records)


With this being the third album in approximately twelve years, it is fair to suggest that this is something of a sporadic solo project of Chicago’s, Brian Hancheck. However, his is a sound of intimacy, hushed tones and fragility that only seems to be promoted by hiatus.
Initially, the album thrives of two heavily linked core nuances. Tracks such as Rehearsals, Boys Are, Alive and My Favourite Places slide the most lucid of jangle-pop riffs, through mid-tempos and the dreamy, slightly gaze laden inflections, that hint at everything that was so precious about The Lotus Eaters or The Wild Swans sound.
The other ‘half’ of the album, reduces the tempo, adds more clarity to the production and casually drifts towards a sound that mixes the omnipotent dreamy-gaze, with the rounded intonations and smoothness of all manner of sophistipop flourishes. Essentially, imagine Peter Hall or The Pale Fountains engulfed in a soft, cushion of fluffy haze and you have stumbled across this beautiful and somewhat unique sound.
It may be several, or many years, before this artist releases again, however, it will undoubtedly be worth the wait. Grab a CD or cassette via Sunday Records here.



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