Album Review – Nothing Ever Stays the Same by the Fisherman and His Soul (2021) (Shiny Happy Records / Subjangle)


This Janglepophub blog has a Subjangle label that is nearly 25 releases deep now, since starting in February 2019. In general I try not to do too many reviews of our releases, as such patronage can be largely dismissed as self promotion. However, there are times when label and fan roles overlap more than others and as such I cannot resist writing some gushing fanboy praise about this album.
For this Nothing Ever Stays the Same release, from the solo project of Munster’s, Sebastian Voss (he of one half of the modern day, jangly indie-pop legends, Nah) certainly deserves it, for providing such an eclectic mix of eccentric indie-pop, that somehow manages to find the perfect balance between staying the right side of actual obtuse and just the other side of original left field.
Essentially, the best of the album resides in the more vibrant, higher tempo tracks. Here Mean But Less Permanent, Goodbye and the superlative cover of the Wedding Present’s, Dalliance, all have that feel of the insistent, early 90s guitar pop of The Frank and Walters, with occasional flourishes of the Voss left field perfectly muddying the waters.
Other dominant nuances can be seen in the Middleneck jangly ambience meets Gushh style electro-pop noodlings of opener, Crumble and The Dean, the melodic gaze inflected drone of Dimmish Grey Skies and the beguiling faux sophisti-pop meets dream-pop machinations of Reckenfeld and Harenberg.
This could well be the most left field act that our Subjangle label has collaborated with and may also be the sort of release appreciated by fellow artistes more than one that receives widespread critical acclaim.
However, having had the luxury of listening to this over a couple of pre-release months, I can assure that every repeated listen reveals more of this inimitable act’s absolute brilliance and artistic mastery.
Grab yourself a CD from Subjangle here or one of Shiny Happy Records legendary cassettes here, while limited edition stocks last !






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