Single Review – Jackets by Swiss Portrait (2021) (Self released)


After releasing the quite incredible Find My Way single in June 2020, which eventually found it’s way to his equally superlative Familiar Patterns debut album that was released in May 2021 (if an album is destined for multiple end of the year ‘best ofs’ lists, it is this one !), Edinburgh based artist Michael Kay Terence, is already back with more of the finest, dreamiest, jangle gaze that is his always beautiful signature sound.
Rivalling Find My Way for sheer enigmatic quality, this track takes something of a detour from the spacious, isolation that typifies his work. Sure enough, that essence is very much still there and probably always will be, however this track moves confidently towards a more gregarious, dynamic sound, as the jangled riffs stop just short of the urban surf rock of acts like Tennis Club, Foliage and Eggs on Mars, courtesy of a perfect under-production, that only the best of bedroom-pop acts can find the correct balance within.
This solo project has only been releasing music for just over a year and in that time he has already been picked up by a Z Tapes label that is the perfect foil for his sound and appears to be getting regular gig time since the UK relaxed their COVID restrictions after sticking needles in everything that moves.
If you get the chance to see him live, or just support him in anyway, please do so…as this is an act we want around for a long time!






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