EP Review – Silt is Slander by (2021) (Elf Medication Recording Commissary)

Silt Is
The sublimely named, two act (the other act on their roster being Castle Hot Springs) Elf Medication Recording Company label, from Knowxville, Tennessee, describe themselves on their Bandcamp page as “A label-not-label in tha 865. Serving up things that jangle and things that warble”. 
I could spend much of my extremely limited wordsmith ‘talent’ on trying to emulate the above as the descriptor for this act, but would never get anywhere near as close.
For Silt Is all about the jangle and varying degrees of leftfield vocal effects and production. The primary asset of this debut EP of new music (there is another A Waxpaper Glider EP of demos that they released August 2019 that is well worth checking out) is the superlative way in which tracks such as Sprites and Snow Eater manage to mix ramshackle jangled riffs to the best possible machination of lo-fi under-produced fuzz, whilst the laconic, almost disinterested vocals, struggle to muster the inclination to be heard.  
When the fuzz-laden cacophony resides somewhat and the tempo takes a similar breather, the vocals become somewhat richer and the jangled riffs a shade more lucid, as the closing double track salvo Gila and the Salt and Her Flying Favourite Nun reveal a faux, stunted Lloyd Cole croon, that glides in and out of the lowest of lo-fi bedroom-pop malaise.
Similar reductions in tempo can be heard in the most beautiful tracks on the album. Here Slander and the simply stunning Sweller take the muted gaze aesthetic of a Glom type act and riddle it with perfectly laborious, hushed, The Field Mice introspection.
I can find absolutely nothing on either this band or indeed the label from a social perspective, but somehow that just make the appeal of this mixture of this left field sounds all the more special.



find them here







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