EP Review – Dress Well Enough by Why Dogs Why (2021) (Very Jazzed)


Why Dogs Why is the recording project of Los Angeles based Alex Johnson (above) who has used this short three track EP to journal a different human frailty, or most specifically short-temperedness, self-consciousness, & inattentiveness (respectively), on each track.
The most startling essence to the aesthetic is the whole Morrissey ‘feel’. Not so much the showmanship of the Pope of Mope’s contrived vocal inflections, but more specifically the accumulative sense of plaintive and mild melancholy that Johnson’s vocal delivery omits. They feel as though they are imploring you to empathize with him, without ever being so garish to specifically ask. His introspective, dulcet tones are the perfect foil for a lyrical subject matter that is generally accepting of his lot. This is best seen in opener T.O.C which opines:
don’t want a lot in life, just some kitchen scissors that actually work / don’t want a lot in life, just to learn to be more like Picard than Kirk / don’t want a lot from life, just a list of links so i can meditate / don’t want a lot in life, just for the pain to learn to procrastinate.
Whilst all three of tracks have the above essence, it would be amiss of me not to mention the most overwhelming commodity that this album has, which is the subtle infusion of jangled riffs, that are seen so perfectly of the release’s stand out Dress Well Enough and a perfect lo-fi, under production that is  coursed through a slight fuzz-pop laden hew, which becomes a tad darker and more intense on Tying Knots.
The Bandcamp release bio states “I am very excited to share this new project with my friends, family, and listeners – the best part is that this lil EP is only a taste of what’s to come”…lets hops it is all as notable as this !






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