Single review – Archangel by Meyverlin (2021) (Too Good To Be True)


After the absolute brilliance of the Cut The World album by Moscow Olympics, the new Too Good to be True label from Brest, France, seem determined to continue in their rich vein of 80s retro inspired form, by unleashing Meyverlin on the jangle-pop world.
Meyverlin consist of the lyrical input of Gilles Ramey and the musicianship of Philippe Lavergne & Thierry Haliniak (of My Raining Stars fame).The three combine to provide a sound that had the languid machinations of The Lightning Seeds combined with the smooth guitar-pop of the Liverpool acts like Candy Opera, Pale Saints and all that Mick Head turns his hand to, whilst still managing to combine such a vibe with just that little bit of the Field Mice haze / hushed introspections.
To make the sound jangly indie-pop heaven they ensure the sound is given lucid vibrancy with jangled riffs that cavort with the clarity of the recent The Shop Window, / Lost Ships sound.
With their daily events album due out on 01 October 2021 this could be one of those albums that defines jangly indie-pop for the year.





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