EP Review – Os Gambits – Festa na Piscina das Políticas do Pós Modernismo (Midsummer Madness) (2021)


The title of this EP, loosely translated to EnglIsh, reads Party at the Pool of Postmodernism Policies. This already has something of the Belle and Sebastian Push Barman to Open Old Wounds / Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant indie chic intellectuality, that is so explicitly alluded to in the Bandcamp release bio.
Thankfully, fans of the jangly twee-pop intonations of Glasgow’s finest will not be disappointed by this first release in 13 years by Brazils, Os Gambitos. The vibe is most traditionally alluded to in the final two tracks of Ponto and Maltesa, as they slide, shy, almost sly, introspective vocals, through lo-mid tempos and a fuzzy lo-fi production that add a sense of perfect dank that dilutes any saccharine aftertaste that can sometimes be associated with twee as a genre.
The opening tracks, Outro Patmaor and Arquivo, still indulge in all things “B & S” as a core, however as the tempo increases, dynamism is added with a playful sense of ramshackle that hints at an other Glasgow based act in The Pastels. The extra energy of such tracks takes us back to the heyday mid 80s c86.
It’s all in Brazilian…but there is still very much something for everyone !!!





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