Single Review – Et Hop by Corridor (2021) (Sub Pop)


Ending a two year absence since their quite brilliant Junior album of October 2019, Quebec’s Corridor have decided to treat their fans to a previously unreleased track that was written during their Supermercado album era of 2017, as part of the celebrations for the 30th birthday of the CISM 89,3 FM radio station.
Essentially this Et Hop single is everything that is so uniquely Corridor. Rooted to an isolated core riff that evokes feelings of the dulcet melancholy of the very earliest The Bats sound and juxtaposed with a spiky angularity and anxiety that is as much all things Wire of yesteryear and Primo! of today, it is left field jangle at it’s absolute fines.
Upon this musical edginess is an additional ambience that adds gaze-laden spacious vocals that have an inimitable sense of ethereal and almost monasterial, that takes the holsitic aesthetic towards a strangely post-punk meets Cocteau Twins sense of swirling.
Always stunning, its great to have them back and we can only hope something more substantial in terms of a full length release is in the not so distant future.






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