Beat The Delete #0131 (weekly new music recommendations)


I am having to go on my travels over the next few days to have various business meetings with fellow middle-aged important people, as we all ignore the dangers of COVID, to climb on planes and meet each other face to face, as apparently only 'willy waving' that is done in the actual presence of each other will enable to us reach the conclusion that another meeting is needed. such Beat The Delete #0131 is a little early this week as suffer the sheer unadulterated boredom of 'well paid career'!!!


TrackSeared FromSeared (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
Flirting between the left field vocal sweetness of Bjork and the best of fluttering late The Sundays meets all manner of 80/90s jangly indie-pop. This is simply a beautiful sound from the latest fine jangly act to emerge from Brooklyn, NY.

Sandra’s Wedding

TrackWhen I Stall FromPleasure Grounds (album) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
The perfect blend of gorgeous riffs and the 80s/90s traditional jangle-pop sound of The Rembrandts. A perfect retro blast from the past from an era where  jangle-pop was totally relianct on the beauty a guitar could engender, rather than the whole hybrid gaze things that increasingly dominates these days.

Son of Dribble

TrackDrop of Blood FromDrop of Blood /// Shed (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
Somewhere equidistant between Pavement, the dulcet twang of Yo La Tengo and the cool downplayed fuzz and haze of the The Velvet Underground aesthetic, this Columbus based threesome represent the coolest of jangly retro sounds.


TrackThe Met FromThe Met (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
With the jangliest of a dream-pop essence that flirts easily with Sunflower Beam / Wild Nothing comparisons, This NY based trio have produced consistent beauty in recent releases and this single is no exception.

Wallace Welsh

TrackWalk Me Home FromWalk Me Home (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
This Rome based 18 year old bedroom-pop act, qualified his promo blurb with a self deprecating “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing”…It’s simply so very much better than that, with it’s subtle dreamy gaze laced with jangly hooks aplenty.

Gimmy Flowens

TrackDon’t Be Afraid FromDon’t Be Afraid (single) Label:  Third Eye Stimuli Records  Out:  now
Her first release in over a year sees Gimmy Flowens employ and excel within a more stripped back, less rocked edged, jangly indie-folk meets psyche-pop vibe…it suits !!!


TrackMeet Me Halfway FromMeet Me Halfway (singe) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
With a Cat Power sense of lived in vocals and a Soccer Mommy sense of lo-fi, laconic cool, this Marissa Kephart led project joins the Palehound, Snail Mail, Girl on Red style legions of brilliant female, jangly lo-fi / bedroom-pop acts.


TrackTired, All the Time FromTired, All the Time (EP) Label:  Self released  Out:  EP out now
This Bristol based solo project of Richard Stockley deserves it’s regular billing on Beat The Delete pages with a mixture of beautiful jangled ambient pop and surf rock. Something genuinely unique to the genre.

Lunar Isles

TrackAnchorage FromAnchorage (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
South Korean based Scottish multi instrumentalist, David Skimming, has been a regular to Beat The Delete pages with his stunning ambient jangle-pop and semi gaze style. This is the third single to be released from his forthcoming album (title / release date to be announced).

Fjord Mustang

TrackFive Years FromFive Years (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  EP out now
Beautiful jangly indie/dream-pop in the same manner as The Cardigans or Holy Now, on the debut single of this Toronto based threesome.

Nick Ramirez

TrackRide With Me FromRide With Me (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
Les Gold style, crooning, jangly pop rock that has one foot is the smoothest of sophiti-pop whilst still somehow managing to retain a lo-fi charm. This Pasadena based crooner is smoother than a politcians latest lie !!!

Daily Worker

TrackMy Drug FromMy Drug (EP) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
It is going to be difficult for me to be as accurately descriptive of the aesthetic of this Harold Whit Williams solo project as those below…
“Hissy sonics and huge hooks” (Bandcamp’s New & Notable) and “A perfect little piece of pop taffy” (Austin Town Hall).

The Tisburys

TrackBetter Than Before FromPictures of Fireworks (EP) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
A regular of Beat The Delete pages, Philadelphia’s The Tisburys, have the core appeal of being able to mix the best 0f 60s jangly retro with a psyche rock modernity.


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