EP Review – New Slushies by Doleful Lions (Self released) (2021)


In every circle of friends there is always that one we are all secretly jealous of. Not for them the need to consider a sigificant other (and not because they are useless in the art of the romantic as they are usually quite prolific in ‘loving conquests’), no regular job, no regular place of abode and seemingly no cares, they wonder through life deciding what to do next on a whim and still seem to thoroughly enjoy the experience. even when the whim hoists bad luck upon them.
This frequent project of Jonathan Scott, always reminds me of all that we admire about ‘that friend’ as each release simultaneously drifts off into pastures (very) new, often even on an intra-track basis, whilst always keeping that indefinable essence that is so very the Doleful Lions. There is simply no semblance of musical stasis. Perhaps the nearest act to this sense of structured haphazard, is the equally brilliant theCatherines.
Thankfully Scott still retains his musical wanderlust on this album. Perhaps the best of New Slushies, is heard in the ramshackle chiming/twanging jangled riffs and rocketship style deliberated obtuse of the title track, Not Just My Head and Saturday The 14th, which course strangled, melodic beauty out of all that Scott happens to lay his hands upon.
Of course it gets weirder and we would not want it any other way. After all it is why we press every possible follow button in the first place. I doubt even Scott knows what is really occurred in A Blew Sky Seen and I Love You All Time, as there is the distinct feeling that he has taken the distant, ambient, jangled, Guided By Voices riffs of the tracks core and layered it with all sorts of spacious vaccum sounds that seemed to fit any given moment. Existentialist indie-pop if you will.
Perfectly faux melodies…perfect weirdness…still perfectly and inimitably Doleful Lions, this EP is among his best yet !!!





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