EP Review – Somersault by Pash (Black Wire Records) (2021)


Nearly 18 months have elapsed since this Jackson McCarthy, Sydney based act, released a debut single (Demonstration released in pandemic era, April 2020) that heaved potential in all of the most indie-pop, C86, 80s anglophile retro, manners imaginable.
Moving up to the slightly longer format of the EP, thankfully there appears to be much the same appetite to continue with a similar style of brilliance, as the listener is the recipient of another perfect 80s, jangly indie-pop, history lesson.
Initially, the majority of Somersault, layers core Heavenly / The Field Mice style tiny, intropsective jangly riffs, to the sultry disinterested, southern  English female vocals that inspires comparison to Talulah Gosh in Honeymoon and Raincoat, before sliding into a more twee-pop, cutesy Tender Trap aesthetic in the simply gorgeous Take You.
It is not all lavish jangly indie-pop though, as the title track takes a detour into the more ramshackle and incessant noise of the Black Tambourine vibe that is typified by finding the perfect production balance between the dominance of fuzz-pop and allowing the melodies to just about surface. To some it could be Guided By Voices in texture, but it is juts that bit too pretty for that, with perhaps a modern comparison to the Real Numbers being the better reference point.
Hopefully this act are intent on moving incrementally through format size and a debut full length is on the nearby horizon. After all, the more is definitely the better with this act !!!






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