Beat The Delete #0132 (Weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining us for Beat The Delete's hoping you find another favourite within the 17 tracks of new music below:


TrackNice Guys FromDaily Events (Album) Label:  Too Good To Be True  Out:  now
A Perfect 80s, jangly retro track, indicative of the general quality of a debut, Daily Events, album that is destined for so many “best ofs” at year end !!!

Hero No Hero

TrackLost and Found FromLost and Found (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
The unlikely, but ultimately glorious mix of mid 80s, dreamy post-punk and urban surf jangled riffs, from this solo project of the brilliant Ken Aki.

Community Swimming Pool

TrackBe Your Man FromGloom / Bloom (album) Label:  Z Tapes  Out:  Now
This debut album from the Glasgow based solo artist know simply as Bmac (also guitarist for the Swiss Portrait live gigs) is beautiful, melancholic jangle-gaze, in the very best traditions of the Z Tapes label.


TrackLocal Light Pollution FromLocal Light Pollution (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  Album 26 November 2021
Fans of the Swiss Portrait, Community Swimming Pool, Foliage (etc) dreamy, jangle-gaze sound, may well have discovered a new darling in this Dylan Hull solo project.

Peter Hall

TrackThe Best Idea FromLight The Stars (Album) Label:  Self released  Out:  Album 26 November 2021
Typically beautiful, jangly sophisti-pop, from a Nottingham based solo artist who seems to find extra levels of beauty with every subsequent release. Every follow button is pressed to ensure I get a copy of the album when it is out in November 2021.

Andrew St.James

TrackGrounded FromGrounded (single) Label:  War Chant Recordings  Out:  now
If Bob Dylan did jangly power-pop / indie-rock, he would hope to be as good as this San Francisco based act !!!

Alex E.T.

TrackMagic Misery FromThe Ashes (Album) Label:  Ghost Tower Records  Out:  now
Somewhere equidistant between the indefinable cool of The Velvet Underground, the best of guitar driven modern dream-pop and Mazzy Starr style intropsection, this project of Alexandra Elaine Tapié, just has that ‘special something’.

Eagle Scout

TrackSteady Eye FromSteady Eye (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
Guided by Voices meets Built to Spill style slack stringed jangle, from an Athens GA based act destined to keep the town dominant in jangle-pop history.

The Royal Landscaping Society

TrackProfit and Loss FromProfit and Loss (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
The latest single from the Spanish duo of Cris Romero and David Vidal who can always been relied upon to provide those shimmering jangled riffs that make the spine tingle.

Jilted Jonas

TrackStay Away From Stockholm FromStay Away From Stockholm (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
Stockholms answer to the Television Personalities are intent on dragging a sense of left field, jangly indie-pop back into the consciousness of discerning indie kids and 80s encrusted oldies everywhere !

Peter Johnson RVA

TrackWorld is Thy Ship FromLes Trois Coeurs (EP) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
Described in his Bandcamp bio as “Catholic indie rock”, this regular to Beat The Delete pages make Christian rock accessible and cool, with his burnished R.E.M style sense of jangle.

The Blue Evils

TrackTheory of Ambiguity FromTheory Ambiguity (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  now
This solo project of South Carolina’s, Ryan Cain, creates dank, dark atmospheres out of The Velvet Underground claustrophobia and a jangly post-punk inflected ambience. A truly striking sound.

Kyle Bowes

TrackI Wanna Go Sailing FromA Light Is Passing Through (EP) Label:  Buenaventura Media  Out:  now
The mixture of glorious sophisti-pop, subtle fuzz and George Harrison smooth, makes this a sound where the Californian has feet in both retro and modernity.

Views From Space

TrackPOV FromPOV (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  nOW
Fans of the Craft Spells, Wake In June, Castlebeat will be all over the potential represented by this debut single from San Diego’s, Omi Gelacio.

Green Jerry

TrackHeaven 22 FromPigeon Fix (album) Label:  Self released  Out:  nOW
Somewhere between the musicality of the Elliot Smith style jangly melancholy and the fuzzy perfection of the Parker Longbough vibe, this LA based solo act roots everything to brilliant, chunky basslines.

Blue J

TrackChanged My Mind FromA Sign of Good Luck (single) Label:  Nettwerk Music Group  Out:  Album Out 04.03.22
Jangly, dream-pop, that flutters over an indie-rock core and the sumptuous, smooth vocals of lead singer, Justice McLellan. Stunning beauty from start to finish from this Vancouver based foursome.


TrackChanged My Mind FromA Sign of Good Luck (single) Label:  December Square  Out:  Album Out 04.03.22
Hazy, jangly, psyche-rock meets lo-fi, with a laconic ear-worm quality that burns deep into the conscious. Something genuinely original from this Parisien duo.


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