EP Review – Peel by Peel (2021) (Third Eye Stimuli)


Having preveiously released just the Memory Loop flyer single from this eponymous, debut EP, the Sydney based quintet of Peel, are completely new to me and already have me itching to throw superlatives around like ‘find of the year’ and all manner of gushing ‘potential’ cliches.
Essentially, this is all so very perfectly early 90s anglophile in texture. As such, if you are around that age where ingesting strange pills and massaging sweaty strangers somewhere in a field in the home counties (these strange critters called themselves ‘ravers’) was foregone in preference of dressing like a hobo and sweating it out in the mosh-pit of brilliant god-forsaken clubs, pubs and venues around the country, then this gaze/baggy/jangle laden cacophony should appeal to your finely developed sense of yesteryear.
At it’s most dynamic and ‘bastard noisy’ (apologies, but no other word apart from the ‘F’ one, really does it justice), Silver Spring and Memory Loop  take the sweeter end of the reverb drenched layers of noise that acts like My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain bestowed upon the era and adds  layers of subtle jangled majesty with The Wedding Present style incessant riffs and a The Charlatans sense of faux melody. It all comes together in a thrilling blend of Madchester psyche.
This ‘baggy’ association is even more accentuated when the tempo reduces in DYNA and Pink Smoke as a The Stone Roses sense of distance and isolation is added to a perfect level of under-production that allows the psychedelic melodies to gain increasing prominence. This vibe is finally, totally realised in the final, Splash track, which is late 80s, jangly, Primal Scream at it’s very finest.
Of course those that like their jangle to be delivered gaze free, exclusively by four middle aged men with rickenbackers and paisley shirts, pretending to be either Teenage Fanclub or R.E.M. will not get this.
However, those that are more accepting of allowing stunning jangled riffs to simper to the surface, will truly love this.




full release


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