EP Review – People Mover by People Mover (2021) (Little Lunch Records)


I am quite fortunate inasmuch that I do not really sweat the big things in life. Redundancy, illness, money worries, pressure at work, all seem to come and go, or at least get parked until the appropriate time to worry, which often never really arrives.
Unfortunately, my angst tends to revolve more around the ponderance of life’s trivilaities. This includes whether a three track single should actually be called a ‘single’ just because it is being released on 7″ vinyl (grab a copy here from Little Lunch Records) or whether the whole triple track thing makes it an EP? Mmmm,who cares that my house is falling down around me in a tornado…when such stuff needs to be resolved. EP? Single? It really matters not when the offering is this good and so brilliant typically Aussie in it’s guitar-pop texture.
The best of this eponymous release is heard in opener The Joy and the closing Tell Anyone. Both are perfectly Triple J in aesthetic, as this Brisbane based duo offer incessant, slacked stringed guitar-pop, spliced with layers of melodic jangled riffs that are allowed to simper to the surface with the right level of dominance.
Juxtaposed with The Beths style, slightly deadpan, female vocals, both tracks hint at the potential of People Mover to take their place among the current crop of Antipodean guitar/jangle-pop luminaries.
Sandwiched between the above tracks, lies the slightly different nuances of Need It. Here the incessant tempo is reduced significantly, the jangled riffs increased and the sligthest whiff of Holy Now / Adult Mom style jangly indie-pop are added to the mix. It’s sweet indie-pop, but still inimitably Oceanic in that indie-chic way that only that The Kiwis / Aussies really pull off.
I cannot really tell you two much about them (apart from their names are Lucinda Sergiacomi and Daniel Sergiacomi) as they seem to be relatively shy of the whole band/release bio’s. However, already quite a few decent blogs seem to have cottoned onto a potential that is probably only one full length release away from being genuinely realized. Get the follow buttons pressed !!!





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