Single Review – Diary of Sorts by Grand Drifter (2021) (Subjangle / Sciopero Records / Dotto)


Diary of Sorts is the second flyer single from the forthcoming Only ChIld album, that is due out of Sciopero Records (vinyl) and Subjangle (CD) on 26.11.21 and represents the other side of the musical modus operandi, of this quite sublime Andrea Calvo project.
If the first single, Haunted Life (released last month) was the artist as his most  melancholy, singer songwriter, beautous, then this release displays the direction his music takes, that is equally as stunning, but intensely more jangly indie-pop lucid.
As such, the single takes the subtle understated jangle of all manner of fluttering 80s anglo acts and adds that little bit of the Meyverlin style aesthetic, that enables the sound to stride majestically into the realms of modernity.
This fragile beauty acts as the perfect vehicle to accentuate the stunning Calvo vocals, which benefit from that gorgeous sense of ‘second language’ that makes non-British acts singing in English (i.e The Royal Landscaping Society, The Yellow Melodies, Watoo Watoo etc) thrive upon the inadvertent twee that their accent provides. It is the most natural of indie-chic.
If the musical gods are feeling in any way just at the end of November 2021, then the new album should see, the Turin based Calvo, garner the sort of critical acclaim he deserves. Make sure you press every follow button possible to be the first in the queue to grab a limited edition LP / CD when it is out.






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