Album Review – Take A Deep Breath by West Coast Music Club (2021) (72rpm Records)


West Coast Music Club are a large collective of Merseyside based musicians (eight in total, contributed to the making of this album) that revel in the art of releasing jangle-pop infused music, that nods it’s obvious appreciation to all manner of acts from the 60s all the way through to the 90s.
Perhaps the best of the album is the slower tempo tracks. which allow their obvious attention to both lyrical and musical detail to be expressed more fully. This is best represented in Life of Lies, Me and a Friend and Whatever it Takes, which takes the ‘throw everything at the melodies and riff’ approach of the recent Kevin Robertson aesthetic and courses it through the slightest wafts of Americana. It is WCMC at their most stunning.
Plainly, the collective also have a passion for 90s power-pop, with Long Goodbye, Thinkin’ and Human Vulture flitting effortlessly between The Posies power and Teenage Fanclub subtlety, as Martin Adams finds the genre that his vocal texture was simply made for. These tracks are an all energetic thrill and help the album to an overall sense of propulsion.
Nestled somewhere between the two is Take A Deep Breath‘s most interesting sound. Here Jenny’s Still Got (What It Takes) and The Joke’s on You, take the simple chords of the Britpop invasion and the playfulness of The Kinks, to give us a beguiling break from the jangle.
West Coast Music Club are prolific, with 13 releases on various lengths formats, since 2018. However, in a project that may struggle for consistency due to the sheer volume of ideas being contributed, this album finds the perfect balance between the eclecticism that can always be relied upon in their music and constant levels of quality.



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