EP Review – So Green by Sub*T (2021) (Contract Kill Records)


The Spotify bio (“booooo”, I hear you hiss…for Spotify is bad, blah blah  etc blah, unless of course you use it for discovering new music and then it can become quite handy for a band?) of this Oakland based duo of Jade Alcantara and Grace Bennett states Sub*T was ‘born in moshpit’, before ‘they taught themselves how to play guitar’.
That sounds so very rock n roll and thankfully, this So Green EP, very much is.  Bookended by Bruce Banner and Table for Four, which are all perfectly disinterested female vocals, that just about float above a fuzz-laden din, that never quite dilutes the whiff of jangled melodies completely.
In between the noise, nestle Cozad and Fur On Porcelain. Here the tempo is slowed down and chunky, sparsely populated, jangled riffs cavort with wistful, yet ‘power femininity’ vocals. Such an aesthetic is like a modern, more fuzz persistent, version of 10,000 Maniacs, with a sound that allows for similar natural quirkiness and expression.
Sub*T have been regulars on our Beat The Delete (weekly new music recommendations) articles with their recent singles and have shown that their dynamism is still conveyed within a slightly longer format.





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