EP Review – Misplaced Words by Jetstream Pony (2021) (Spinout Nuggets / Shelflife Records)


Someone wise, once said: The thing about fuzzy layers of guitars, done well, is they keep revealing things in subsequent listens, that you missed upon the initial 47 listens (well actually no one of any relevance said it, it was just me and what do I know !?). As such if fuzz-rock should be considered the eternal gift, then Jetstream Pony are the current primary benefactor in todays fuzz-laden landsca pe. 
In typical Jetstream Pony fashion, this Misplaced Words EP never allows the listener to settle for an instant. Kicking off with the superlative, Seven Days and the equally amazing, Strood McD F​.​C, with their incessant thrum and whirr, juxtaposed against jangled riffs that are always just about allowed to crawl their way to the surface, these tracks would be absolutely everything The Wedding Present is, if it was not for the extra propulsion of the percussion in the JSP sound and the casual sweetness of the Beth Arzy vocals, that add deliberated sacharinne and disparation to the carefully constructed, surrounding mayhem.
If the above is typically brilliant of everything we have become so familiar with in this foursome’s aesthetic, then tracks such as Courses For Obstacles, Kaffee ohne Ende and The Naked Time, take a slight nuance shift, with the bass of Kerry Boettcher being accentuated. All chunky, almost post-punk in texture, the deep richness of this sound adds an even greater sense of disparation to Arzy’s breathless vocals.
Along with The Reds, Pinks and Purples the Jetsream Pony are currently providing music fans with the whole Messi and Ronaldo thing, where we should just be grateful we have two such amazing acts around at the same time !
Grab hold of a Vinyl LP, CD or digital copy (digital is available a week from today), here.









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