Beat The Delete #0139 (weekly new music recommendations)


So you're back again for the latest Beat The Delete #0139 of weekly new recommendations. You probably want me to thank you, don't you? To reward you for your loyalty to the blog / weekly post.

Well I'm not going to, because you probably get more out of it than I do and I am too busy being exceedingly handsome (fo those of you without my awful sarcatsic/sardonic British sense of humour...I doth jest)

So just feast your ears on these 16 great new tracks and thank me instead !!!


Track: Bad Liar From: I Don’t Feel Like Myself (album) Label: Rock Indiana Records Out: Now
This track provides, beautiful, subtle, jangly fuzz-laden melodies, akin to the mid-era Teenage Fanclub aesthetic, with just that bit of extra incessant energy to bless the sound with modernity. 

The English Rain

Track:  Melting Into You From: Melting Into You (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
The English Rain are Steve Boom and Neil Steward, who seem intent of providing a glorious mix of early Matthew Sweet style hooks, with the best of traditional 80s / 90s full band, jangle-pop acts.


Track:  We Are From Different Worlds From: Lurve (album) Label:  Library Group Records Out: Now
This Russian/Estonian three-piece are just about the jangliest, melodic post punk act around at present and have the potential to be the flagship band for the new breed of modernity that is so special within the genre’s current revival.


Track:暗い部屋で待ち合わせ From: 暗い部屋で待ち合わせ (single) Label:  Pinkerton Records Out: Now
Japanese act that infuses typical South East Asian vocal fragility, through a subtle jangly/chiming pop-rock, that beguiles from start to finish. 

Lucas Stern

Track:  Hiding From Friends From: 17 (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Stunning, ambient contempo-pop, from a New Yorker that offers the best of bedroom-pop jangly lo-fi and the spacious, isolated dreamy gaze textures of the Gushh sound. 


Track:  One of These From: One of These (single) Label:  Fire Talk Records Out: Now
Loving this brilliant mixture of Holy Now style dreamy vocals and Dehd meets Biitchseat jangle rock energy. Another absolute winner from the ever reliable Fire Talk label.

Sugarplum Fairies

Track:  Hold on to Me From: Altar Songs 1998-2021 (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Over the course of a 20+ year career, the Sugarplum Fairies have coursed breathless Mazzy Star style vocal beauty through ethereal gaze and jangly dream-pop. This track / album is testament to their long tenure of brilliance.

Blue Void

Track:  With Buddies From: With Buddies (single) Label:  Self released Out: now
Fad Gadget style, dulcet post-punk, coursed with the sort of ear-worm riffs that will drive you perfectly spare. Jangly post-punk in the very best tradition of the A Certain Ratio / APB aesthetic, from this Amsterdam based act.

How Strange It Is

Track:  Placeless From: How Strange It Is (EP) Label:  Bud Tapes Out: Album out 21.01.22
With the Lewsberg style, slack stringed erratic twanging riffs, juxtaposed against a modern day psyche rock, this amazing single could be a sign of great potential for the eponymous album that is to be released early next year.


Track:  Me on a Good Day From: Me on a Good Day (single) Label:  Self released Out: Album out 21.01.22
With the dreamy, subtle fuzz/gaze of a Swiss Portrait type act, augmented with an extra muscularity evoked from chiming riffs and powerful, yet plaintive vocals, this Newcastle threesome have one foot in Surf Curse style power territories and another in jangle-gaze beauty.


Track:  Heavy Eyes From: Heavy Eyes (single) Label:  Good Eye Records Out: now
Dreamy, romantic jangly melodies that should be the accompaniment for every snatched moment of sunshine in a pub beer garden somewhere. It’s that sort of hazy, summer vibe.


Track:  Brothers From: Brothers (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Mappings is the solo recording project of Boise based, Tanner Turner, who threads dulcet vocals through sumptuous, sunny jangled melodies akin to the Fletcher / Charlie Duda vibe, before going on something of glorious chime fest in the latter part of the track.

Catholic School

Track:  Twins From: Catholic School (EP) Label:  Maudlin Jerk Records Out: Now
Lying equidistant between swirling Cocteau Twins dream-pop, Tame Impala style neo-psyche and the modern, driven post-punk of DIIV, this act provide the most dense of ethereal beauty.

Slack Key Ohana

Track:  Slack Key Ohana From: Slack Key Ohana (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now
1940/50’s Wakiki sunshine-pop, juxtaposed with an obvious ear for the beauty of the more laconic end of The Beach Boys melodic. This Califonia based duo are everything sunshine-pop can be.

Jody and the Jerms

Track:  Shiver From: Shiver (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now
Oxford’s Jody and the Jerms have always been one of those bands that find originality with every release. This superlative single, mixes tinny jangled riffs, potted Americana and slight whiffs of post-punk. Truly brilliant.

We Ahr

Track:  Station by Station From: Station By Station (single) Label:  Self released Out: Mow
This Stockholm based act mix sophisti-pop flourishing production and smoothness, with jangled riffs that augment the aesthetic with just the right amount of indie-chic. Truly beautiful from start to finish.




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