Album Review – All My Ghosts by End Scene (2021) (Self released)


End Scene do Australiana or more specifically Oceana. Well, who does not these days (?) as the acts of the Aussie late 80s, jangly indie-pop scene and the Dunedin Sound, appear to be adding a superlative core to many modern sounds.
The difference between this Sydney based duo of James Jennings and Tom Dufficy is that a) they do it amazingly well, b) add originality to the essence and most importantly c) nothing ever seems contrived or grasping to mimick the sounds of yesteryear. They feel as though should naturally take their place at the shoulders of giants.
The most precious and jangly of All My Ghosts are the tracks that move so very well within The Go-Betweens sound. Here Bittersweet Spell, Still Alive, Eye of the Storm and The End, assume the TGB propensity for languid cadence, twinkling instrumental flourishes and A lyrical erudition that hints at an uber intelligent world that only those that ‘think too much’, can truly appreciate. 
End Scene could have populated the entire album with such an aesthetic and it would still be granted repeated listens, such is the total beauty of such sounds. However, this act show they are able to prise a sense of stunning out of all manner of other Australiana.
This is further seen in Another Life and Today’s Waves which take a The Triffids style of cinematic isolation and augment it with an extra sense of desolation and dark melancolia.
In contrast the more sprightly, but still decidedly dulcet, jangly echoes of Keep the Lid On and Axe to the Hive, traipse directly through the Dunedin Sound, but make everything all that more yearning by infusing it with slower tempos.
Essentiallt, End Scene have produced one of the best jangly melancolia albums of 2021 and a fitting accompaniment for all manner of bruised to hearts to heal to.








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