JanglePopHubMix #0012- (Editors Fickle Finger…Where Nov ’21 jangled)


Thanks for joining us for our choice of the best of jangle-pop nuanced tracks that were released in November 2021. Last month our playlist ended up 11th on the Global indie-pop playlist and 75th on the Global indie music playlist at Mixcloud, so thanks for all your interest and plays !
Listen to the entire November 2021 playlist all on the Mixcloud link below or cherry pick those of interest at the links below.
1 –   Semi TrucksWhen There’s No Ceiling (Meritorio Records)
2 –   Grand DrifterBookends (Subjangle, Dotto, Sciopero Records)
3 –   The Hepburns feat Estella RosaThe Other Side of Grey (Elefant Records)
4 –   Jetstream Pony  –  Kaffee ohne Ende (Spinout Nuggets)
5 –   Swansea Sound Rock n Roll Void (Skep Wax, Happy Happy Birthday To Me)
6 –   Sub*TBruce Banner (Contract Kill Records)
7 –   KindsightDon’t You Grow Up (Rama Lama Records)
8 –   Lizzy & the FanaticsEast Angus 1998 (Self released)
9 –   Makeout PointSummerfall (Self released)
10 – The Keep Left SignsStigma (Kocliko Records)
11 – TomijiVacuity (Kocliko Records)
12 – HousekeepingI’d Like It If You Stayed (Self released)
13 – The CigarettesThe Beauty of the Day (Midsummer Madness)
14 – Grape StormsLetters and Tears (Midsummer Madness)
15 – The Black WatchNow & Then (ATOM Records) 
16 – The Rizzo’sBreslin (King Pizza Records)
17 – Blanco TrancoShapeshift (Honeyglider Records)
18 – The Ashenden PapersLittle Jumpy T (Secret Center Records)
19 – Chime SchoolIt’s True (Slumberland Records)
20 – The Umbrella PuzzlesBeautiful Noise (Melotron Recordings)
21 – Neil BroganUnfollow Me (Self released)
22 – Partner LookPartner Look (Trouble in Mind Records)
23 – The Fish John West RejectSouthwesterly (Self released)
24 – GushhTired All The Time (Self released)
25 – The Aerosols As Clean as Smoke Gets (Self released)
26 – Hooper CrescentBest in Town (Spoilsport Records)
27 – DeathsportRestless Leg Syndrome (Self released)
28 – HappypillsSandy (Self released)
29 – WetsuitSticky Sweet (Self released)
30 – Why BonnieGalveston (Fat Possum Records)



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