Album Review – Magic Noodles by Tampopo (2021) (Self released)


I first happened across the quirk-laden brilliance of Copenhagen’s, Tampopo, a couple of years ago, when our Twitter site was asking for contributions for a ‘food themed jangle-pop playlist’.
In response to my childish pleadings, Sandra Zettpunkt (of the Golden Glades show on Byte FM, a lady who can always be relied upon to unearth the best of unheard of acts first!) pointed out that virtually every track by this then, Kasper Clemmensen solo project, was both food oriented and superb jangly, twee-pop in equal measures.
Since then Clemmensen (vocals and lead guitar) has been joined by Ditte Duus (drums and vocals) and Morten Hougaard to add flesh to a languid jangly sound, that is everything that was so perfect about the twee-pop aesthetic of the 90s and 2000s, as they re-record tracks that were previously released as his solo project in 2017/18.
Whilst the album tends to have a sense of uniformity, that really does not matter if the same sound is so beautifully redolent of the jangly twee-pop brilliance of yesteryear. This is best represented in tracks such as the album’s superlative standout of Birthday Cake and The Door, Ketchup and Too-Ticky Tatoo.
All innocence and glorious childlike inconsequence, the laconic jangled riffs are reminiscent of the playfullness of all things C86, with all the rough edges smoothed away by the beautifully fragile Happy Deadman style fluttering riffs.
Such a sound acts as a beautiful couch for the Hey Paulette style rich, dulcet, slightly disinterested Clemmensen vocals, which act as a semi-baritone Ying to The Cannanes style sweetness of the Duus backing vocals, that permeates all the better moments on the release.
For some this may ‘too cutesy’. For others ‘too cardigan’. However, for many the mixture of the two, when juxtaposed with subtle jangled riffs, is what makes twee-pop so alluring.






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