Single Premiere – Now I’ve Realized by Salt Lake Alley (2022) (Shelflife Records)

There must be times when Salt Lake Alley’s, Gustav Tranback (Paper Hearts, Dismal Plight) and Mikael Carlsson (The Honeydrips, Dorotea) sit at the bar of their favourite Stockholm tavern, wondering just where it all went so right, so very quickly.
Already having released with indie/jangle-pop darling labels such as Kocliko Records and Cloudberry Records, they have now been picked up by a Shelflife Records outfit that has always been at the very forefront of the modern jangle-pop movement.
Janglepophub are very proud to give it’s readership the first airing of this Now I’ve Realized single, which is the first track to be released from the fortchcoming It Takes Two album, which is not only a worthy follow up to the equally brilliant The Way It Feels debut, but also continues to display everything that has made this Swedish duo garner so much critical acclaim.
Initially, the core aural texture is the perfect mix between the strange choral, orchestral echoes of The Reds, Pinks and Purples or Constant Smiles sound, married to the psyche/12 string jangle-pop flourishes and washed out melodies that San Francisco acts such as The Telephone Numbers and The Umbrellas, course through their aesthetic.
Perhaps what makes this vibe really emerge from the general modern jangle-pop brilliance that surrounds it, is the sense that they are genuine connossieurs of all things ‘jangly anglo-phile’ about the late 80’s.
This is best seen in the fluttering incidental riffs and hushed percussion that hints at all things Sarah Records, whilst the dulcet vocals, grumble with the perfect disinterested aloof, that was so typical of the era.
The album is out in February 2022 and this single already forces lofty expectations !!!






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