Singled Out…Superb new singles by Green/Blue,The Reds, Pinks and Purples / The Luxembourg Signal, Marinita Precaria / Love, Burns and Sipper


Thanks for joining us for the latest 'Singled Out'...thanks to Bandcamp Friday finally freeing us from its email clogging tyranny, acts are now releasing again at the start of the month.

Here are the best of the singles form the last week or so.
Although I have never actually heard of this Minneapolis based, Green/Blue act, a quick root around on the Hozac Records label Facebook page, reveals I am very familiar with some of their previous bands, with band members from acts such as The Soviettes, France Has The Bomb and most notably The Blind Shake, forming something of a supergroup here.
All gaze/fuzz-laden, with enough glorious jangled melodies allowed to simper through the mayhem to add beauty, this first single from an Offering album that is due out on 04.02.22, is the sound of My Bloody Valentine concentrating on a ‘happy moment’.

Being ‘release prolific’ is a tricky balancing act. On the one hand it can keep an act in the public eye, on the other hand, ‘too much of a good thing’…etc.
Glenn Donaldson and his San Francisco based, The Reds, Pinks and Purples act, has found the perfect way to ensure their music never becomes stale in the face of frequent releases…He just makes every release virtually perfect in everyway.
One of the most essential acts of the modern day jangle-pop scene, their latest, I Still Owe You Everything single, only serves to cement this reputation.

This Luxembourg Signal single is one of two flyer singles from the forthcoming Under The Bridge, various Artists compilation. 
‘Meh…another label sampler’, I here you murmur through snorts of derision. But no, this is a compilation of various Sarah Records acts, or their members, who are still recording.
How damn cool is that (?) and the beautiful vocals of Beth Arzy on this Travel Through Midnight track, is likely to be typical of what we can expect when the album is released in March 2022, by the increasingy essential Skep Wax Records.

The New Adventures in Pop label (sub label of Elefant Records) is always worth keeping an extremely close eye upon for those of us who like their indie/twee-pop swathed in Spanish-pop fey.
The latest act to superbly tick all the above boxes is Marinita Precaria, whose Celosa single from their forthcoming No Me Miréis mini-album (due out around 21.01.22) is everything thing that make Spanish pop so irresistable.

Love, Burns is Phil Sutton’s (Comet Gain, Cinema Red and Blue, Pale Lights etc) latest project and this Dear Claire single is the first from a debut, It Should Have Been Tomorrow, album that promises the absolute world after a whole flurry of critically acclaimed EP’s and singles since early 2020.
With a driving incessant tempo and swirling organs, married to the crooning smoothness of his voice, this is Sutton inspiration at it’s finest.

New York based Sipper, is something of an enigma. Rarely posting on any of his social media or giving any details of his actual name in any pertinent biographies, he seems content to simply let his numerous singles drift about in cyberspace, just to add some mysterious, quirky beauty, to this obtuse world!
This Fuck Sex single is typical of his ability to thread a lo-fi core, through fuzz-laden jangle-gaze and a slightly foreboding sense of cinematic. It is an aesthetic that suits his enigmatic persona.



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